Short Film Review-No Clowning Around


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No Clowning Around is a 25 minute short from Rob Dimension that gives us a different kind of clown fear or terror. This short plays out like a day in the life of a down on his luck clown named Mumbles. Now before you feel sorry for him, the opening five minutes will tell you all you need to know why things go the way they go for him. The film opens with a descent into alcohol and goes to a second descent which is murder. How we get from point A to point B, is when Mumbles goes to a kid party he was hired for, and instead of doing his job he decides to eat the kid’s cake instead, then harasses the kid’s mom with sexual innuendo. So, when Mumbles goes home to his woman, she od’s. He blames her death on a pimp named Lenny and is out to kill him.

The film while not groundbreaking was at least fun in a very dark and depressing way. The voice of reason to Mumbles is a stuffed puppet named Mr. Peepers. You know your life has to be heading towards happiness, when the voice of reason in your life is a puppet with no puppeteer telling you your life decisions and giving you advice. The acting in this film was ok, Rob Dimension was not only directing this film, and 28 other hats he wore, he also stars as the clown Mumbles and he is a demented and sick sad soul. To watch this descent from odd to madness is both witty and dark. Rob seemed to have joy delivering his lines in this film. The issue I had is with Steve Corino, yes the wrestler. This guy has some very dark humor, and is entertaining as all hell but in this film he just felt like he was not comfortable with the role. Of course, he plays the pimp who Mumbles is out to get. I just wish they would have let Steve just go and be Steve. That is such a small gripe to this film that feels like if Tarantino wrote a Kevin Smith film.

This film felt like a drunken sick version of Quick Change. I would like to see more from the family of Dimension, they have some sparks of excitement and a very dark demented humor that I think can translate in a bright future in indie film. This is a good attempt, if you like clown films, you may like this as well.

7 out of 10