Short Film Review-Employé du mois

Employee of the Month is a 18 minute short directed by Oliver Beguin. Listen to this concept, it focuses around an unemployment office and everyone from a zombie, mummy, ghost, vampire, a fairy and even Satan himself are feeling the sting of this recession and they are looking for work. It is in French with English subtitles, and I will say right now this short is really funny and is worthy of all the praise it has been getting.

What makes this film really work is the humor is just so absurd that there is a comic moment in each scenario, as a job councilor is trying to fit these supernatural and dead people with jobs. The mummy even claims to be the king of Egypt but can speak perfectly good French. Who has no issue destroying his credibility by doing odd jobs like being a male stripper, that really sets up for a real payoff, because the job lady seems to send all her clients to the strip club first. There is a character named Mr. Blue is a ghost, and she gets him a job as a door to door salesman, and also a security guard.

The Devil comes in around the end and shows off all his friends who include Hitler, Mussolini and Gaddafi, so he is being told to use his evil ways of manipulation and spreading hate to find a job. I mean, you have a fairy who people use her dust to get high, and a zombie who tries to every kind of job to man and he cannot seem to last a day. This is just a fun little comedy that really if you do not mind subtitles was really a fun time.

8 out of 10