Photos of Swiss Band Dynazty by TJ Fowler of (c)Fowler Photography

Dynazty is a heavy metal band from Stockholm, Sweden and was established by Love Magnusson and John Berg in 2007. Soon members Georg Härnsten Egg and Joel Fox Apelgren joined. After a few gigs with various vocalists, they found the singer Nils Molin through Myspace in 2008. Since then, Dynazty has released three full length albums and has toured in Sweden and internationally.

The band took part in Melodifestivalen 2011 with the song “This is My Life“, a metal cover of the previous winner (Melodifestivalen 2010) Anna Bergendahl. The band also competed in Melodifestivalen 2012 with the song “Land of Broken Dreams” in the fourth round in Malmö on 25 February 2012. The song went on to “second chance” round but failed to make it to the Final 10.

The band released its third album, Sultans of Sin, February 29th, 2012. The album was produced by Peter Tägtgren and had Chris Laney co-write one song and Nicke Borg another. The album has an extended solo version of Bastards of Rock & Roll and a bonus track called Madness on the Japanese edition.

Photos of Swiss Band Dynazty by TJ Fowler of (c)Fowler Photography

Nils Molin (vox)
Rob Love Magnusson (guitar)
George Egg (drums)
Joel Fox Apelgren (bass)
Mike Lavér (guitar)

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