Next Season of Dexter May NOT be the Last

DexterThis is strange news indeed. For about six months, we have been told that Showtime’s Dexter series was going to end after next year’s eighth season. Even members of the crew have confirmed this news. But, in an interview with NY Mag’s Vulture blog, Scott Buck gives “Dexter” followers a glimmer of hope when responding to a question regarding the supposed final season.

“It might be the last. That hasn’t been announced yet. We’ve been picked up for one more season, but whether that is the last one or not has not yet been determined.”

Buck was then asked if he “thinks” it should be the last. “Well, honestly, because we were picked up for two seasons, and the understanding was it may be the last, we’re certainly moving in that direction. But until Showtime tells us one way or another we’re not making any more definitive decisions,” was how the producer replied.

Like I said, this is interesting news. This season’s numbers are amazing and have topped all previous seasons of Dexter. Of course, Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, held out for a huge payday the last time they negotiated, so it will cost the network a pretty penny if the do go that route.

I will say that this season has blown me away from start to finish. The last few episodes were unbelievable.