My top 10 list of songs or LP’s that I feel have contributed to my life and then my music-Lisa Germano

What can be said about Lisa Germano? A lot of people may know her from being a part of John Cougar Mellencamp’s touring band for Lonesome Jubilee, some may know her from working with The Indigo Girls and Simple Minds. In addition she has had over 20 plus years of solo records and working with everyone from the above mentioned to Iggy Pop and so many more. Well, Lisa stopped by our website and wanted to give us a list of cds that she was influenced by. Can I go on record that this has been the best idea we ever have had on the site. We have had so many artists that I considered legends and very inspirational to so many want to share with us who influenced them and inspired them.

so here is my top 10 list of songs or LP’s that i feel

have contributed to my life and then my music (as of today dec.5th 2012)

they change as my moods change which is one reason i’m not so hot

on top 10 lists….

1. The Firebird Suite – Igor Stravinsky

2. My Sweet Lord – George Harrison

3. Hounds of Love LP- Kate Bush

4. Family Affair- Sly + the Family Stone

5. Meet the Beatles LP- the Beatles

6. Adagio for Strings- Samuel Barber

7. Old Friends/ Bookends- Simon and Garfunkle

8. Can’t get used to losing you – Andy Williams

9. Glow LP – Innocence Mission

10. Back on the Chain Gang – the Pretenders