Music Review-Phobia- Remnants of Filth


Track Listing:
1. Assertion to Demean
2. Contradiction
3. Submission Hold
4. Plagued by the System
5. Dementia Having Overdose
6. Got the Fear
7. Infraction of Pride
8. Resolution
9. Let it Go
10. Deaden to Believe
11. Vengeance Will Be Mine
12. No Sympathy for the Weak
13. Freedom Isn’t Free
14. Atrocious Atrocity
15. Filthy Fucking Punks
16. Constrain Relations
17. Resuscitate
18. Inaction

Calum Mackenzie-Bass

Bryan Fajardo-Drums

Dorian Rainwater-Guitars

CC Loessin-Guitars

Shane Mclachlan-Vocals



Review-One of the biggest joys in reviewing is when you listen to that cd, that when you are done you are so blown away you have to listen to it again and again repeatedly. Phobia are one of the genuine stars of the grindcore underground, and now they have emerged with their 5th record and it is quite the monster. At 19 minutes this 18 song cd leaves quite the impression. Phobia benefit from just from such a powerful assault, this is hardcore punk in the package of grindcore and it is just angry and violent. This cd is not a bunch of happy songs to give you happy feelings, this is a cd full of hate, emotion, passion and just all-out assault, to make you want to get up and react. This cd takes what I feel are the best elements of punk being its message, attitude and mixing it with grindcore and thrash heavy riffs and drumming. This cd will make sure you are not sitting still with your hands on your lap clapping along and the vocals come across as both punk and growling in each song.

This cd is Phobia’s best cd to date, this is a band that does not try to be like all the other bands or sell out to sell more records, they just come out and pulverize. The shock to this cd is that it is not a one-dimensional sound or attack. This cd takes so many twists and turns and shifts gears so many times, that you can tell the addition of a 5th member helped this band more than hurt them. This cd is quite frankly the reason people like me are music fans, this is a cd that we hope all grindcore cds are when we buy them, and disappointed they are not. This cd sounds like if Ben from Soilent Green was fronting Pig Destroyer. This cd would have easily made my top ten cds of 2012, if I only waited a fucking week more to do the list.In the world of imitations and overhyped bands that hardly ever deliver, Phobia is the real fucking deal. This band should be huge, and this cd should be hailed as a classic in years to come.

9 out of 10