Music Review-Otep-Hydra


January 23rd 2013-Victory Records


Otep shamaya, Aristotle, Tristan Wallace, Ulrich Wild.

Review-This is rumored to be the last record of Otep, and I have to be honest this is their best record to date. Whereas past releases had some decent songs here and there, this record is so much more focused and if this is the statement Otep is going to make on their last record, it is quite loud and very emotional. Hydra is essentially a concept record about a girl who is corrupted by what the world is all about and her new reality is cruel and almost a human prison. Where Otep Shamaya in the past wanted to get on a soapbox and speak out against corporate America, against war and fight for equality, this time it seems she is on a personal journey looking for acceptance. Hematopia is such a brave song, stripping away the screaming brave soul of the past records and giving us a naked poet crying into a mirror, this song plays out like a suicide note from someone crying to you for help. There is no way you can sit there and listen to this song and not feel that she is speaking from her heart and the story of Hydra is not so fictional. That leads into Necromantic which keeps on the same spirit of Hematopia and gives you a more mature rage but also some very depressing tones.

This is not the same band who were screaming Atom to Adam or telling us to Smash the Control Machine, this last go around the band gives us something so personal but at times does go into the metal feel of songs like Confrontation and Numb and Dumb, this record feels like Otep’s fuck you to their critics who attacked the band in their past for their sound and records, and gave them their version of The Who’s Tommy. This record is going to floor the entire Otep legion; you will not see this record coming. Otep reached deep into their souls and delivered a concept record that exceeded my expectations. This feels like what House of Secrets hinted at with some of the stuff between songs. I just feel that this is not the last we see of Otep Shamaya, maybe in this band but I think we are going to see more from her. I think this record paints the end of this chapter in her career; I am ready to see what opens the next chapter of her career. If you are an Otep fan, you are going want to hear her goodbye to you guys, it is very heartfelt and personal. If you are not a fan of Otep, you may want to hear this cd just to hear what you have been missing out on for a decade plus.

8 out of 10

  • JamesD

    Thank you for all the compliments. I think Victory Records is pissed that I jumped the review so early, I think they wanted us to wait. But, when the band emailed the label with their praise of this review, they seemed to be happy. This is the Otep cd you fans have been waiting for…this one is so dark and personal….Gone is the screaming and the past and in its place is something that is going to really challenge the fans…This is a modern day Tommy for sure…

  • Carmen

    I’m jealous at the fact, you got to hear the album! 😉 this review was so thorough and really gives way to positive hype for the new album. I’m very pleased that this album is receiving positive reviews.
    Anxiously waiting to get my hands on the album!


    Great review.