Music Review-Ornamental (A Projekt Holiday Collection)


1. Paulina Cassidy: Frosty the Snowman
2. Jill Tracy: Coventry Carol
3. Abney Park: Steampunk Jingle Bells
4. Nicki Jaine (with Ego Likeness): The Little Drummer Boy
5. Ashkelon Sain with The Dorian Fields: The Christmas Song
6. All My Faith Lost …: In the Bleak Midwinter
7. Maroulis, Koehn and Mooney: Ave Maria
8. Ego Likeness: What Child Is This?
9. Ericah Hagle: Hanerot Halalu
10. Mirabilis: Wexford Carol
11. Forrest Fang: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
12. Forrest Fang: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Ambient Remix)

1. Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Forbidden Colors
      (theme from “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence”)
2. Paulina Cassidy: Snow Queen
3. Unto Ashes: King of Frost
4. KatzKab: My Sad Wishlist
5. Unextraordinary Gentlemen: Carriage Driven Horses
6. Autumn’s Grey Solace: Through the Snowy Trees
7. Lovespirals: Happy Holidays
8. My Last Duchess: Cradle Song
9. Paulina Cassidy: Angels We Have Heard
10. Erik Wøllo: Crystal Bells 1
11. Erik Wøllo: Crystal Bells 2

Review-This is a double cd of holiday themed songs performed by some of the best artists on the Projekt Records label. They put their stamp on Christmas Carols and winter songs and even Hanukkah songs. The one thing I have always admired about Projekt is that they let their artists be themselves and create their own music, and support individuality and creativity. This record starts off with Paulina Cassidy and her version of Frosty The Snowman. I have never heard this song quite performed like this. It sounds sensual in a very spacey inspired goth synthpop way. Paulina did not just reinvent the song, she just made it seem new and fresh. And, I do not even have a chance to really think about how awesome it is because the next song is who I think is the next big thing in music Jill Tracy and she gives us Coventry Carol which keeps the flow of this going in such an odd direction for a holiday theme record, but yet such a brave and sultry direction. I will say this Paulina Cassidy if she does not make you a fan with Frosty, I think Jill Tracy will with the next song. What a one two punch, this is almost so poetically breath taking that music seems to be taking ideas and concepts that are so old and making them feel new and fresh.

Next up is a male and female duo group called Abney Park and they do this odd steampunk version of Jingle Bells. Yes you read that right. You would think going this far into the cd I would not be shocked by anything they throw at me, but this is so emotional and dramatic that they sound like they are playing a fiddle or maybe a ukulele. No other label or band could pull this one off, it should have failed, and yet it felt like something out of an acid trip. Next up is Nicki Jaine with Ego Likeness doing Little Drummer Boy, and all I have to say is who is Nicki Jaine and does she has any other music out. I love her elegant and beautiful voice, she sounds like she is making love to the song because the words just seem to come out so smooth that this could be a lullaby instead of a Christmas song. Ashkelon Sain with The Dorian Fields takes a timeless Christmas classic like Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and creates a different sort of song. This is the true beauty of a label like Projekt and what kind of music it puts out, this song you would never associate with any holiday, but yet the message is about the holidays. It is a very unique blend of atmosphere and ambient gothic tones that goes on for over 8 minutes. As we keep going with the tracks on disc one, there is not one song that is not beautifully emotional. This cd is the first Christmas/holiday record I ever heard in my life, that I am in love with every song. All my Faith Lost, Ericah Hagle, Mirabilis and Ego Likeness are incredible. They give us something to keep us warm in the cold winter. A voice of promise that could make any heart melt and any young soul dare to dream on a holiday wish.

Disc Two opens up with Black Tape for a Blue Girl. I have to be honest; I loved this band a while back. I think the last time I heard them was The Scavenger Bride, but after hearing this I may want to listen to what they been up to since the early 2000’s This is such a gothic almost classical song, almost in the vein of a Dead Can Dance in case you are not familiar with Black Tape or what gothic and classical meshing sounds like. Paulina Cassidy does two more tracks on this disc that both come across as just elegant eargasms. Also, included is Autumn’s Grey Solace, Unto Ashes and so many more that just really transform the boring holiday music to something sensual, dreamy and just beautifully breathtaking. Katzkab come on about the middle of this cd, and I loved this song so much that even this far into the cd that they did not give us filler and still gave us some great music. This cd from start to end is incredible and fresh. This felt more like a soundtrack, than a holiday tradition. This would make an incredible stocking stuffer for that music fan in your family. This cd will be played long after the holidays are over. This is the new traditional classic that all people should play to usher in the holidays. A must own

10 out of 10