Music Review-Midnight-Complete and Total Hell

Track Listing
1. Funeral Bell
2. All Hail Hell
3. Servant of No One
4. Unholy and Rotten
5. I Am Violator
6. Hot Graves
7. Long Live Death
8. White Hot Fire
9. Endless Slut
10. Lord in Chains
11. Strike of Midnight
12. Take You to Hell
13. …On the Wings of Satan
14. Turn up the Hell
15. Black Rock’n’Roll
16. It’s a Sacrifice
17. Vomit Queens
18. Screams of Blasphemy
19. Cross Held High
20. Lucifer’s Sanctuary
21. Berlin Is Burning

Press Release and History-Can’t get enough of MIDNIGHT’s trademark “Lust, Filth, and Sleaze” after last year’s worldwide smash “Satanic Royalty”? Then submit to “Complete and Total Hell”! Exactly what it says on the tin, the exhaustive, 21-track “Complete and Total Hell” collects all of MIDNIGHT’s entire pre-“Satanic Royalty” back catalog, much of it long out-of-print and highly sought-after. Hear where Black Heavy Metal first became law, when MIDNIGHT began their subjugation of all subjects at the very start of their Satanically royal reign: the cult is alive and well with MIDNIGHT!



Midnight EP 2003
Midnight Single 2004
Complete and Total Fucking Midnight Compilation 2005
Outbreak of Evil Vol. 2 Split 2005
Violates You Live! Live album 2007
Slay the Spits EP 2007
Farewell to Hell EP 2008 1
Berlin Is Burning Compilation 2009
Tejano Tour March 6-7 2010 Split 2010
Farewell to Metal Slut Split 2010
Satanic Royalty Album 2011
Complete and Total Hell Compilation 2012

Review-Midnight sounds like if Motorhead and Venom had an abortion, this is what would be left behind. This brutal melodic punk to a degree all out fucking metal cd, is a must own for any fan of metal. This cd is just so in your face with that fury and skull crushing intensity. This does not feel like any musical journey I can remember, it feels like getting beaten to death. This is head banging heaven, so much brilliance all over this cd that if you were not a Midnight fan before you will be one once you listen to this. Unlike Satanic Royalty this is so rough edged and has these hardcore hooks and just so much pure hatred, that you would think it would start to get redundant and tired after a few songs, but somehow they keep it going and feeling fresh from start to finish.

The lyrics at times sound like they are making fun of the listeners, and even get so bizarre at others. Like a lyric that claims about being the blood of the tampon’s cotton in almost like some sick spoken word ending. All in all, this is a very solid cd and that if you are not familiar with Midnight and their sound that does mesh the above mentioned bands a lot. Especially in the later songs on this cd, it almost sounds like Motorhead took over the cd. But, with those influences clearly all over this cd, I am still a fan of this energetic ear fucking of anger and hatred, and think this is going to make a lot of metal fans very happy.

9 out of 10