Music Review-Job for a Cowboy-Demonocracy


1.Children of Deceit
2.Nourishment Through Bloodshed
3.Imperium Wolves
4.Tongueless and Bound
5.Black Discharge
6.The Manipulation Stream
7.The Deity Misconception
9.Tarnished Gluttony

Review-Job for a Cowboy is a band that really confuses me release to release. I know before Doom, they were not well received by both fans and critics, then after Doom they took this full-assault death metal style that while it was a vast improvement in some ways on the past, I am still not completely sold on this band. To me, this band lacks creativity and innovation and just come across as another band that is trying to find its niche. While Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro are very good players and their guitars are the stars of this band, with the riffs and solos that have this technical beauty and melodic edge that make this listener happy, but the problem is those traits alone cannot make this cd any better or impressive, it just comes across as another band in the crowd. Jonny Davy just does not stand out as a lead singer to me, he has these squeals and growls that just come across like every other death metal vocalist, not good or bad but not memorable or anything that you would want to go back and listen to again.

To me, if fans did not like Ruination, they will not like Demonocracy. This is just another attempt at this band trying to legitimize a place in music and giving fans this death metal testing ground to see if they can get better record sales. While Demonocracy is a little more technical than Ruination, and the production is a little better, but why does every song need guitar solos if the vocals cannot compliment them? I will be honest I liked elements of the past Deathcore sound they had, and wish that they would use some of those vocals in this record more, and future releases. Keep the sound like this that is fine, but the vocals need work. There are so many positives to this band, they have a great bassist, great drummer and some of the best metal licks, but they need a vocalist to compliment this sound not someone who sounds like some run of the mill death metal vocalist with nothing to stand out with. You wanted to change; you changed now show us that your heart is in this change, make that powerful statement. As a whole, I gave it a chance, a second chance and then waited a month and gave it a third chance to try and win me over, and while the majority of the elements of this band I like; I just cannot get into the main element and that being the vocals. This just sounds like every other death metal cd of the last year.

4 out of 10