Music Review-Infernal Poetry – Paraphiliac


01. Preliminaries
02. Stumps
03. In Glorious Orgy
04. Hypertrophic Jellyfish
05. Everything Means ‘I’
06. Barf Together
07. Cartilages
08. The Copy/Paste Syndrome
09. The Miss-Treated
10. Paraphilias

Paolo Ojetti – vocals
Christian Morbidoni – guitars
Daniele “Dan” Galassi – guitars
Alessandro “Alex” Vagnoni – drums
Alessandro Infusini – bass

Review-Infernal Poetry has the impossible task of trying to follow up the much loved last cd Nervous System Failure. Paraphiliac comes right out the gate set to crush and devour with Stumps. You can tell this band knows what kind of task is ahead of them. The bad things with cds that start off with this much momentum, is that most of them start to falter half way thru, sad to say this cd is guilty of that as well. Now, I am not saying this is a bad release because Hypertrophic Jellyfish is quite possibly a song that fans are going to really get behind. It is like they took their core sound and tried to find a commercial feel for it. It is such a cool song because it is so catchy and will get people addicted almost immediately.

Then, after that it gets into more darker and heavy territories with Barf Together, which the lyrics have a comedy element to it, but the riffs and the growls and screams and the twists and turns this song takes is just sick as all fuck. Then, it hits you with Cartilages and that is just insane blasts and screams that go across some sick riffs that sound like they are just trying to make the loudest statement possible. The rest of the stuff is hit and miss, but those 4 are the stand out tracks that really caught my attention and required me some repeated listens, the rest of the cd had moments here and there, but in the end they were pretty forgettable and not so inspired as the first part of this cd.

This is a cd that I think had enough good to give it a mild recommendation but if you have Nervous System Failure, I would say maybe buy the tracks I mentioned on ITunes or if you want to give the cd a shot, you may like it. This is a very talented band that I think this time just buckled under the pressure of trying to follow up a successful and critically acclaimed cd, and while the ideas and talent were there, it just seemed that they wanted to try out a few new ideas and incorporate them into their sound, which I did like the commercial feel of a few of the tracks, but I just feel that this band is so talented that cds like this are just a tool to get them on tour to do what they do best, play live. All in all, not a total waste but it could have been so much more.

6 out of 10

  • JamesD

    Enrico, it had some good moments here and there and some of the songs were really good. I just wish this band would have put more thought and focus into this cd. This is the classic tale of the parts being better than the whole.

  • enrico

    really looks like you had a superficial listen