Music Review-Hooded Menace – Effigies of Evil

Track Listing

1) Vortex Macabre 10:44
2) Effigies Of Evil 5:36
3) In The Dead We Dwell 7:50
4) Curses Scribed In Gore 6:14
5) Crumbling Insanity 6:32
6) Summoned Into Euphoric Madness 5:42
7) Evoken Vulgarity 6:48
8) Retribution in Eternity 1:45

Current Line Up
Lasse Pyykko- guitars bass and vocals
Pekka Koskelo- drums
Teemu Hannonen- guitars

Review-This cd opens up with Vortex Macabre and if you are not familiar with this band or their previous work, you are going to be in for something unique. The vocals come across as demonic sounding like the growls from the fires of hell. The band sound is dooming gloomy sludge death metal. Vortex gives you that slow intro to build up to the riffs and Cathedral like backdrop. At ten minutes plus this song gives the patient listeners a very slow and just brutal opening track. That song is basically this cd to a tee, this is a band that has this patient attack that has this guitar sound that just fuses old school crunch with new school techniques. The guitars are so catchy and addictive that at times you forget about the vocals, which is not a knock at all on the vocals, because they really shine as well. But, I was such a fan of the playing on this cd. This sounds like Trouble meets Cathedral style playing with death metal vocals.

This cd also seems to be playing into the horror theme with some of the lyrics and the samples like one from Twins of Evil. (Which I reviewed a few weeks ago)I am a fan of the old school bands like Trouble, Cathedral, and even Swallow the Sun and what they are doing, I been looking for that band that can take what Sabbath seemed to put into the spotlight in the late 60’s and be the new flag bearers, and I feel that this band and this record is the first record I have heard in a very long time(At least since Cathedral’s Carnival Bizarre) that can even come close to matching early Sabbath, just in terms of those riffs and the feel of the songs. This band has a stripped-down gloomy doom sound that just sounds so crushing and that each riff means something. While the lyrics and some of the vocals seem to be geared from serious to cheese at moments, one thing is for sure this band is going to really make a name for itself in this genre before it is all over. While I loved the debut record the most, this cd is just so intense and beautifully crushing.

This band meshes mid tempo doom filled death metal with growls of a man trapped in a blender mixed with a vintage flavor that harkens back to the mighty Lee Dorian and Cathedral. I guess that is why I love this band so much, is because of my love for Cathedral. So, if you are a fan of what Cathedral has put out you would do no wrong getting this as well.

8 out of 10