Music Review-Fear Factory-The Industrialist

Fear Factory 2012-
Burton C. Bell
Dino Cazares

History-Burton C Bell was the kid in the bleachers in the Smells like Teen Spirit video. Also at one time he dated another musician I am a big fan of. This band Fear Factory has had so many lineup changes that by the time this review is posted, there may be a new member or one of the two are an ex member. Burton has done solo work with GZR, the side band of Geezer Butler and a one off band he had that fit his U2 hard on called Ascensions of the Watchers. Dino has done Brujeria in the past and when he was fired from FF he started a band called Divine Heresy. Fear Factory in the 90’s had a mild hit with a remake of Gary Numan’s Cars. At one point they were rape and hate. Today, ummmm….

Review-This cd is why people download so much music. This cd is just a waste of time, it is so lazy and one dimensional,and sounds unfinished. I was a huge Fear Factory fan back in the day. Demanufacture was to me such a underrated album. To me, Replica is such a heavy metal staple just like Cowboys from Hell from Pantera, and Enter Sandman for Metallica. But, look at Fear Factory’s career path and who does it remind you of? Let me give you a hint, a breakout cd that people are putting their name on the label future of metal, and a semi disappointing follow up, then a sellout follow up, then a return to heavy follow up and now a band who stayed way past its time and really have no place in metal anymore. Give up? Machine Head. Fear Factory was a band that at one time, swore off drum machines and claim they would never use them are now a slave to them. A band that has so much inner turmoil that I am shocked they are even still around at all. This cd sounds like a unfinished demo. I sort of liked God Eater, Recharger, Difference Engine and the title track. But, to tell you the truth, if you have any FF cd before this, you may have heard all the riffs. Though, Difference Engine does have traces of the band that I was a fan of.

I listened to this cd and really felt so bad that FF never really got a fair break in the music world. Where bands like Pantera seemed to achieve success so easily, a band like FF shows you how hard it truly is to reach a mainstream audience and now today, I am not really sure what this cd could do for them in terms of fans, I mean it will sell a mediocre amount and then disappear and then we will have a new FF line up and another cd that we will buy into and will be letdown yet again. I think now is a good time to break out the Edgecrusher and let this band either re-think its future and try to change their sound and give FF a new level of power and energy to make us excited to be fans or just fucking leave music behind. This cd is just a tired attempt to put out something and say they have a cd to promote. It is sad, today I reviewed the comeback cd for their ex label mates and best friends Spineshank and that cd was a letdown, and now they are on the same path. What a fucking pathetic cd. Burton come on, seriously you are so much better than this bullshit. To steal a line from one of my favorite songs with a little twist. ” Burton, nothing you sing on this cd matters to us”. This is supposed to be a concept album, the concept is how bad a band can fall. Dino the king of riffs, and this is what you give us?

4 out of 10