Music Review-Erupted – In the Grip of Chaos


1. Salvation From Below
2. In The Grip Of Chaos
3. The Dark Mistress
4. Path Of Perdition
5. Death Of A Depraved Mind
6. Blazing Fall Of Heaven
7. That Which Is Denied Gains Power
8. Born Of Hate
9. Hell Recreated (demo)
10. Faces Of Death (demo)

Daniel Ocic Sundberg- Vocals
Tobias Pettersson- Guitar
Jonas Davidsson- Guitar
Cedrik Petersson- Bass
Marcus Nieminen- Drums

Review-In the Grip of Chaos is the debut release from Swedish death metal rockers Erupted. This cd started off right out of the gates in full growl and attack mode. The first track gives you so much promise as to what is going to come next, and the sad part is that after the first song the rest of this cd is so forgettable that I really became bored with it by track 5. The guitars on this cd are ok at times, and the riffs and heaviness make this cd even remotely listenable. There are moments on this cd that showed me some promise, but as a whole this is such a huge miss. The production on this cd is horrid at times, like the song Dark Mistress which the vocals are coming across as a very loud growling that it distracts you from the other members in the band; it takes away from the band trying to maintain a sound or the song to have any structure beside the awful vocals.

This band comes across like every other band in this genre, and adds nothing new to the genre and sounds almost like a old school imitation, or bad joke. This cd has no consistency, and the songs seem to lose focus once the vocals hit, the production on this cd is so horrid, I am not sure they knew how to use the knobs and maybe tame the vocals and let the other instruments be more than background noise for the growls, and even the guitar solos on here sound so uninspired. This cd has no problem with throwing the most odd arrangements midway thru a song like it lost focus and just want to end the song finally. The songs end up coming across as disjointed and almost a bad demo more than a release on a record label. This is one of those cds that come out on a Tuesday and later that same day disappears. For a new band that is out to make a name for itself, this is not the cd you may want to introduce people to and say you are Erupted. This is a cd, that for every one positive I could think of, there is 25 negatives. This is just a disjointed mess, and may have been better to be more thought out and conceived and maybe stayed in the studio a little longer. There is no way this band listened to this cd and said, “ we are happy with this”. I hope they get on some major tours, get their sound out to the masses and maybe learn more about what makes a band have longevity and put more effort into the next cd.

3 out of 10