Music Review-Cerebral Bore-Maniacal Miscreation

01. Epileptic Strobe Entrapment
02. The Bald Cadaver
03. Open Casket Priapism
04. Entombed in Butchered Bodies
05. Mangled Post Burial
06. Flesh Reflects the Madness
07. Maniacal Miscreation
08. 24 Year Party Dungeon

Review-As the metal world knows Simone aka Som has left Cerebral Bore shortly before their tour was about to begin, and forcing them to replace her with Shawn Whitaker on vocals. I am a sucker for females in death metal, with that growl and anger, I feel women have a certain passion that just comes across as almost a beauty in a chaotic war cry sort of way. This cd make no mistake about it, is catchy as all hell with those riffs that just grab you by your throat and while you are trying to breathe someone is screaming and growling in your face like they are being set on fire from the inside out. This is one of those very accessible death metal releases, that it can makes fans out of technical metal fans with its slow down and hurry up delivery and yet be faithful to the brutal death metal fans as well with its ugly growls and pounding sound that just sound like it wants to bust out of the speakers at any moment and attack all in sight.

This cd seems to be geared towards younger fans with the lyrics they are giving us in the songs. The songs really are not sing-a-longs, though the riffs do keep you interested, the lyrics are not their strongest suit. I feel the sole purpose of this debut album to exist is to just pulverize with the sound and irritate with the lyrical content. The things I would have loved to see this band use more is more bass, this sound is clearly guitar and drum driven while the bass has no identity. Her vocal style is like a growling grunting pig stuck in a slaughter house, she really impresses with her style and her fury and passion, but the lyrics hurt her. Tracks like Flesh Reflects the Madness was really good and the title track was ok, some of the tracks at times though did feel a bit redundant. Cerebral Bore seems to know what audience it is aiming its sound and style towards and this cd should appeal to them. Their straight forward approach has zero surprises and no thrills; it is just what you would expect from this band. Though I will say I did like this cd enough to barely recommend it, but I hope that with their new vocalist and time on the road that this band does find some maturity in its sound and tries to experiment and throw some curve balls with what is coming after this.

7 out of 10