Music Review-Asylum Pyre-Fifty Years Later

1. Will You Believe Me?
2. Dead In Copenhagen
3. The Frozen Will
4. These Trees
5. The Herd
6. Fisherman’s Day
7. Against The Sand
8. Any Hypothesis
9. Just Before The Silence
10. Fifty Years Later

Peuch Julien – Bass
Chaos Heidi – Vocals
Decaillon Tony – Keyboard
Cadot Johann – Vocals, Guitar
Schiltz Herv̩ РGuitar

Review-Asylum Pyre’s latest is like their debut record it seems to be on the ecological theme again. The message that they preach is take care of each other and help the planet. Though the sometimes preaching feeling aside, this is a very good release and fans of female vocals and melodic mid tempo metal will enjoy this cd. This is a band that I want to lump into the Lacuna Coil category not for the sound of the female singer, but for the chemistry she shares with the male vocalist. The female vocals of Chaos on this cd are just incredible; her range at times seems like Ann Wilson meets Sarah Brightman in a metal realm. The male vocals at time seem to work in the softer stuff, but the harder edged things it sounds out of place or a distraction to the song. Though, they add some samples here that really take this band to a different place. This almost sounds like a classic rock opera with an ecology theme.

It seems unfair to categorize Asylum as just another female led goth melodic band, because Chaos Heidi is a classically trained singer and a vocal coach who has an amazing range in her vocals and so much strength and passion that when she sings you will pay attention. The musicians on this cd, range from melodic to power metal, not really riffs to remember or to lure you into songs. But, the catchiness to this band is the vocals; Chaos has a way to lure you into a song that you just want to hear what this woman is capable of. I loved every song on this cd, but an overall favorite is the band as a whole on Just Before the Silence, that is a song that you will not be expecting from just another female metal led band, that song shows so much growth from the debut to this record.

This cd is very recommended to anyone into female singers, this is clearly a band that you cannot judge the book by its cover. Musically the band is tight and while their sound does venture at times to soft acoustic, the cd is such a great cd that I found myself so caught up in this world that I did not want to leave. This band should be just as huge as Lacuna Coil, but they have so much more talent and a singer who is more than looks, she is very talented and if there is any justice in the record industry these days, they will be huge very soon.

8.5 out of 10