Movie Review-X-Game

Danger After Dark is one of those studios that when they put out a film it immediately catches my attention. This is the studio that has put out some of the most unique films in the history of any other studio. The Living and the Dead, Gutterballs, Suicide Club and etc. This is a studio who put out films not when they need to, but when they want to. Which makes each release mean so much more. Now, comes there latest film X-Game, and this film while not as spectacular as the past entries in their library was not that bad either. This film is very much a violent non-apologetic film that is about a little girl in sixth grade who is bullied and her revenge she would get on them as the film goes on. She gets the guilty parties in a room that is designed to look like their old classroom. What she basically does is play this X-Game with them that consists of different forms of punishment. In a scenario that the victimizers have now become the victims.

This film reminds me of Death Tube a lot. I am not saying it is nowhere as bad as those films were, but it resembles them a lot. Especially the pacing, this film is almost 2 hours long and at times the film does drag, and in others it feels rushed. There is really no consistency. While the characters do come across as a little tad bit stereotypical, the actors gave it their best and at times really sold the scenes, like the torture scenes. The gore was really well done, and looked exceptional. The montage in this film that shows us all the happens of past scenes as so unnecessary and felt out of place. I hate it when Saw did it, and I hate it when other films do it as well, it is a waste of time. It is like they are losing faith in their storytelling and plot, and want you to be dazzled by what you witnessed so far.

I loved the Japanese gore that this film offers; it felt like they were trying to pay homage to the torture porn genre which I did enjoy, but to be honest this film is way too long. I love the twists and turns of this film, I love the violence and torture, but I hated that this film at times seemed to be going at a snail’s pace. I will say right now, it is a 100 times better than any Death Tube film, and also may be on par with Tartan Extreme’s Bloody Reunion. If you liked that film, you may warm up to this film. I did not really get into the characters like I should have, but I loved to see them put in this scenario of payback.

To be honest, this is Danger after Dark and I would watch anything they release and I know they are aiming it towards the needs of fans like me, who are so sick of the mainstream bs that I would get behind a film like this as an alternative to what is coming out these days. That being said, if the film was cut by 30 minutes, this review would have been way higher but the film as is, while it has flaws and does go slow at times, I liked what the bulk of what this film offered. It was violent and catered to the sick needs of a sick reviewer like me. This film is fun, and I would say if you are a fan of the label seek it out and see for yourself.

7 out of 10