Movie Review-Wu Dang

Wu Dang is Patrick Leung’s throwback to vintage Hong Kong Cinema. This film tries to be a silly martial arts adventure in the realm of Indiana Jones, Allan Quatermain and the little short films that played in the golden age of cinema before the film started that each week people came to see what was going to happen next. This is clearly a film that its heart tries to overcompensate for the lack of a good story and horrendous romantic subplot that may take most viewers out of this film. This is clearly the case of a director who wants to try and recapture the glory days of film, and has so much heart and tries so hard that you hate to not get behind this film. I am not familiar with Leung and his films, so that being said the man has an interesting storytelling philosophy and an interesting pacing he keeps. This film manages to both be amusing to watch but yet at the same time starts to drag and get boring. The main character of this film is Dr. Tang Yunlong, an Indiana Jones-type professor who hunts down rare antiquities. His motivations seem to be odd and personal to him, because he thinks if he can reunite the seven treasures hidden on Wu Dang Mountain this something very special for him would happen. (Now if I went more into what happens would spoil this film for the viewer, so assume that this is not exciting or special for the viewer.)

My issues with this film are easy, while the look and feel of the movie does try so much, it ultimately fails. The screenwriting is lazy, amateurish and utterly uninspired. The action in this film is also a letdown for what you will be expecting. One of the better scenes in the film is when Dr. Tang discovers a map to the Wu Dang treasures and has to contend with a gangster named Paul Chen and his cronies. The action was ok we get some old school flare with the throwback to Hong Kong Cinema, but as far as the fight scenes in this film that is one of the better scenes. The rest of the fighting on here never really stands out or goes beyond the screen to get the viewer so into it and inspired to watch more. This film also suffers from the lack of purpose and meaning, they give you all these characters who do things and they never explain to you till the scene is over or later on, what the rhyme and reason was that this happened. Most of the time, I was trying to figure out what was going on at certain points what were they doing and why was this happening? This film is ridiculous for trying to recreate such a time in film history with this film. I know there is a lot of heart put into this film and again I think this film for some may be ok, but for people who are seriously film fans, this film is confusing and utterly frustrating. You want this concept to work, you want this film to entertain you and keep you on the edge of your seat, and utterly this film does none of that. This film on paper I bet sounds exciting and very great, the problem is what happens when that idea goes from paper to being filmed.

This film has a few moments here and there, and maybe some people could embrace this film more than I did, but I just could not get over so many plot holes, faults and the boringness of this film.

3 out of 10