Movie Review-V/H/S

Horror and the internet seem to be a couple destined to have happened sooner or later. Blair Witch just made sure it happened a lot sooner than say Paranormal Activity would have later. Whether we like or not, the found footage craze seems to be the darlings of horror and have no signs of leaving, you take this horror concept add the internet, and you seem to have a winning formula no matter how bad or good your film is. V/H/S is a film that I heard the rumblings about way back in January 2012, and the few people who witnessed it said this is going to change horror and be the scariest film of 2012 which for me is always a warning sign. It seems when certain sites hype a film and say it is the scariest film they have seen, I know that their motive for saying this is a payday more than any kind of horror fan mentality. That being said, V/H/S was a lot better than I thought it would be. Now, do not get me wrong it is no classic or scariest movie of any year I can remember, but it was entertaining and had its heart in the right place for the most part.

V/H/S is basically about a home invasion, a group of guys break into someone’s house trying to retrieve a video tape, and on their search for this tape, one of the guys stumbles upon a stack of tapes that he decides to watch and each tape is a different story directed by a different director. V/H/S does its best to sell you on this being authentic, from framing errors to the tapes going on and off, static and bad camera angles. This film can be described best as Creepshow for the Paranormal Activity crowd. The stories range from an obnoxious party crew meet some strange girls and look for an evening of fun and sex and one of the girls is not what she appears to be, to a couple on a romantic retreat that things go wrong when someone is breaking into their motel room while they sleep to some kids in the wood and a mysterious being is in the woods wanting to get them. Also, included is a short about an internet guy and girl who seem to be in love when the couple via chat online witness weird things going on in her apartment to the final story about guys going to a Halloween party and getting more than they bargained for.

While I was not a fan of the four hoodlums who break in and found them irritating, I liked the concept of what this film was trying to achieve. We feel sympathy for people that we know something bad is going to happen, but yet we cannot wait for it to happen. We are intrigued along with the man who watches each tape to see what can possible be on these. My question is, why would someone have these tapes and how did he get them? That is something that is never addressed in this film that I felt deserved an explanation, how did they get their hands on these tapes to even possess in the first place? The film is almost 2 hours which when the film gets going the time seems to fly. I was not a fan of the build up for the first story; I found the characters the drunken college jock boys almost unwatchable and annoying, that I hated when I was in college and hoped that they would get theirs. When a woman they pick up at a bar turns out to be something different than human, almost in a way like a female Jeepers Creepers like monster meets the female demon in Little Deaths, you are cheering for the monster. I liked the payoff to all the stories, and felt that at times that made up for the slow build that some of the stories did have. This film is a lot of things, but I think it should be credited for its risk taking. You are giving us a found footage anthology, and the results while at times are mixed, one thing is for sure this is not a perfect film, but it is a watchable one and for the most part it was really fun.

8 out of 10