Movie Review-Trashology


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee I wonder what would happen if John Waters got his start making some of his early films for Troma”? Well, Brian Dorton’s latest feature may help you with that question, Trashology. You know being a blogger I am exposed to a lot of films and I have this reputation that I like all the shocking and daring now that being said, I can personally say there were a few scenes in this film that I think will personally scar me for life. Major kudos right off the bat, Dorton tried to out Waters the man himself John Waters with the ending to this film. Pink Flamingos which is in my top 5 of all time classics, gave you an ending that will get you talking with Divine eating the dog poop, Dorton thought of a way to out Waters that, with an ending that will make you look at chocolate pie in a totally different realm or maybe not at all. That is the one thing I can sit here and give Trashology some major credit for, it is daring and makes quite the bold statement. The film opens with a slacker college girl named Tracy who seems to never be able to make it to class on time, but thank god her teacher accepts blow jobs for looking out for Tracy somewhat. Well, Tracy receives an assignment that she has to write a report on her favorite film genre, she decides to take trash cinema. Well as she is walking down the hallway she discovers a student with a book called Trashology. Well, Tracy takes the book home and starts to read this book. Basically the rest of the film is the chapters Tracy reads and the stories that make up this trash cinema.

First story in this anthology is The Vat, Two women Beatrice and Laura are hanging out and their friend Claudia comes over, and right from the get go you can tell that there is friction between the three. Well as this day goes on, an argument ensues between the three of them and they shoot Claudia. They decide to bury her in oatmeal or something along those lines. Well, guilt gets the better of our two ladies and they conjure her back to life. That is when the problems really start to happen; she does not come back the same person she left as. She comes back a horny nympho that shits in the family supper, and will pleasure herself with anything available, oh and let us not forget all women who show these traits, have to be boy scout leaders as well. I will be honest; the humor did not start to happen for me till she is brought to life that is when this film lived up to its name many times. What really worked for me is that the actors did not try and sell the comedic moments they just acted like these things are natural, and it came out as just so much more funny to hear how they just go with the flow and that they would find the things that are happening with a bit of normality.

Out next short is Big Debbie, Debbie is a large woman played by Rodney Horn who also plays about 4 other characters in this film as well. Well, it is Debbie’s wedding day and she is left at the altar, well depressed and just having the worst day of her life, she goes to buy a lot of snack cakes and decides to walk home. Well, she runs into a guy almost by accident and they seem to hit it off, so she goes with him back to his place, where his other roommate wants them to have fun. This is what worried me the most after what I have witnessed so far, what in the fuck could be fun to Brian Dorton’s fucked up mind? Well, they want to do something with her call “squashing”. Well, this starts off with them putting snack cakes in her mouth, testing how she can handle pleasuring them. I will be honest, after this film and seeing her sucking a snack cake to the point of gagging, I know I will never eat one again. Well, on the way to satisfying their sexual needs one of the guys accidently dies. Well, he gets crushed is more of the better statement. And Debbie and the other guy decide to get rid of the body. One thing is for sure, I think everyone assumes someone will die eventually and they always seem to be prepared to handle this situation. Well, as all this is going on Ann is also going thru her own crisis, as she thinks her girlfriend Helen is cheating on her and she is ready to take care of that girl once and for all. Well, their worlds collide when Ann witnesses Debbie dumping a dead body and is now blackmailing her to help kill her cheating roommate. I liked this story not for the entertainment value, which it has but to see how demented Brian was willing to take us. There is no way in hell that these actors could keep such a straight face with this dialogue and the characters, no fucking way possible. I was sitting there just thinking how fucking bizarre is this going to get, and how can they top themselves. This is perverted white trash cinema at its absolute lowest and that is why I absolutely love it.

And just in case you asked for more they give us a third story called Inglorious Bitches, which feature Melissa and Katrina, played by Douglas Conner and director Brian Dorton. They are Thelma and Louise for the cross dressing generation, as they are out to stop and kill all sex offenders. I should change that last statement to they will stop and kill all people they deem as sex offenders. Because, there is a scene they actually watch someone get raped and they think she was asking for it. If you ever thought about taking a trip to Kentucky, this story could be like a welcome video to this fine place. I loved the fact that the guys did not try to overdo it. When films carry themes like cross dressing or vulgarity, people tend to try and overdo it and make it so obvious, this film does it so subtle and just accepts the fact that they do not have to overact it or try and hammer you down with it. It plays every act and obscure odd moment thru this whole film as things that happen daily and are normal. And this story is the most odd of all the offerings, because these two are so clueless they kill the wrong person in one scene and the other they are dealing with an amputee who we get to see in a sexual moment with a man with a voice box, that has to be the most bizarre yet hilarious sex scene I ever witnessed. How can you guys keep a straight face with this stuff, I cannot picture sitting there listening to a man on a voice box telling me repeatedly he is going to cum and not laugh my ass off. Of course, you know with Dorton and his sick mind, we do get a chase scene and it is the amputee who is being chased.

This film is the reason why I think therapy is highly recommended. Trust me, after that story we get to see the closing moments with Tracy and her male friend, and they do something that is so fucking vile and disgusting that I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely bizarre it came across as. John Waters himself would love this film, but I think he would hate himself afterwards for knowing he inspired this wave of film. This film without question is not for everyone and would more than likely offend anyone who watches it. But, the film was well written and very unpredictable. And, when you have Manoush singing your theme song, you almost know that this ride is going to be something that either you are going to praise and talk about a lot, or never tell a soul what you watched and when your whole house is empty rewatch it. This film is John Waters for 2012, and I absolutely had fun with it and think that people who are in the mood for a slice of the perverse would love this film as well. John Waters would really be proud.

8.5 out of 10