Movie Review-The Whale


You ever watch one of those films that make you ask yourself questions about why we exist and the meaning of it all? That makes you wonder about species, others and why were we born this or that? This film had me asking all these questions. The Whale is a true and beautiful story about a young orca whale that is named Luna. The whale in this story makes friends after he gets separated from his family in British Columbia. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are two of the names that are involved with this project that really tells us from the get go that the intention was never to make this a film. This is just one of those stories that need to be told how Luna who was a lost baby whale became an international media sensation. This film would be the perfect family film for any day, or holiday the message is so heartfelt, emotional, but yet funny, cute and just inspirational to anyone. What made me love this film so much was how real it felt, where most documentaries even though they are true stories they still feel polished to me at times, this film felt raw and just right from the heart. There is no one on this planet who can watch this film and not get emotional or feel the message and impact. The G rating felt a little soft, this film has some stuff that may not be suitable to little kids, maybe a mild PG would be a little better.

This film starts off with story of Luna as a two year old that just shows up one day at a place in Vancouver Island. Luna is alone and separated from his pod but the whale has plenty to eat and is very healthy. Luna though is really lacking because there are no other whales for him to associate himself with. The story continues from the early days to when the government decides to get involved and a local tribe view Luna as some mythological being and how Luna becomes such a human interest story around the world. While Ryan Reynolds narrates this story, him and Scarlett are the executive producers and made sure this film came out as raw and real as possible. The Whale is not your normal documentary and it is not fancy or paints the most beautiful picture, but this film is impressive and to see how I become so emotionally invested in Luna’s life really created a one of a kind experience that no documentary has done in a while since the Elmo one, but I cannot talk about that one today. Let’s hope Luna is not caught in a sex scandal, because I would hate to see this film tarnished like Elmo. All jokes aside, seek this film out. Especially if you are a parent looking for a film for the family that does not have anything you would have to cover their eyes or ears.

8.5 out of 10