Movie Review-The Frozen


Coming out December 18th

The Frozen is the latest in a long line of survivalist dramas that seem to put the emphasis on a battle of the environment and elements. Mike and Emma as the film opens up is just your ordinary couple going on a retreat in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter. We learn as the film goes on that Mike sort of told a lie to Emma, and they did not go to the place she originally thought they were going to, instead they are stuck in the middle of nowhere when during a ride around on the jet ski that Mike thinks he sees a figure hiding in the middle of the forest and while paying attention to that he loses focus and crashes the jet ski. Well, now our hopeless couple are stuck in the middle of nowhere not sure how to get back to civilization. So, what can make this even worst there is a guy that seems to be stalking them in the woods known as “the hunter”. This film felt like a Lifetime made for tv movie broke down into three different chapters. You have the first chapter that our happy couple are so in love and then the tragedy of the jet ski accident happens, then you have the second chapter when our couple seem to be separated and now it is the female vs. the elements and some kind of supernatural stalking people or person, and then the final chapter that absolutely made absolutely no sense at all to me. I am pretty sure if Brit Morgan from True Blood was not involved in this film, that you would never have seen this dvd come out or that the director or studio would have even finished doing it or even thought about doing it.

If Noah Segan is a selling point for you he plays this hunter guy, who we see in glimpse and pieces and does have 2 lines of dialogue that when he does finally talk, you wish he would never had said one word. This film has a few positives; the supernatural scenes in the middle were ok to a point and got this film going a little. This film was so boring and slow moving that it was a blessing to finally get something going for it, anything at all. This film tried to make sense out of things that made no sense, and throw a twist ending that it hopes you would want to watch the film again to see if you can understand it more given this twist. To be honest, the twist made the film even worst, I mean the actors with what they were given were so wasted and just were not believable. Everyone felt so wasted like they were going thru the motions and knew they had to get from Point A to Point B, and could care less how they did it, just as long as they did it. I hate films that try to make you feel dumb because you did not get it before the twist, but to be honest even though the twist was so long winded and overdone in its explanation, still makes no sense as to what everything happening meant. The twist let’s be honest, is not possible and I can care less what explanation they give me different, it make no sense. I think the director was drinking his 15 dollar coffee and thought, “oh that is clever they won’t see it happening”. He should have thought, “This makes no sense and how can it happen”. It would have made more sense if the lovers were brother and sister, and the hunter was their father and he wants to know why they are in love it is against family policy.

Then they had to try and pull on your heartstrings, as to why they went to the middle of nowhere, and then we find out after the Jet Ski accident, that she is pregnant. Of course, the cell phones have no reception, and that the markers they followed to the destination are all missing. The only thing this film was missing is that top 40 song to be the backdrop to certain scenes in this film. What is up with these True Blood people and these direct to dvd cheapies? Either people are bringing up their past to cash in on today, or that True Blood does not pay the bills. How can anyone read this script or see the storyboards and be down with this film? Let me rephrase that, how can anyone who has a gig that gives them a lot of popularity and notoriety want to make this film and have it on their resume, and know their fans are going to see it? Thank god I submitted my worst films of 2012, this would have made the list easily.

2 out of 10