Movie Review-Resident Evil: Retribution


Can you believe Resident Evil has now made it to number 5? When I went to the movie theaters on opening weekend to see the first Resident Evil, I would never have thought I would be here many years later talking about a 5th installment. ( Just like Underworld and its fourth installment) If you are a fan of the series, this is in my opinion the best one since part two, if you are not a fan of the series this film may not change your mind. Retribution really goes for broke with the action this time around, the action sequences in this film are some of the best in a long time, and they also give us zombies. The zombies this time can run, drive, and are bloodthirsty. Resident Evil 5 has the same issues all the other films in this series have been plagued with, the overacting, the storylines that are very badly thought out and come across worst. Retribution picks up right at the end of Afterlife, when they were on the Arcadia and all hell was about to happen. Anderson decides that he wants to give us the opening battle scene in reverse, and it comes across as such a cool and bold move, something different for the franchise. We also get to watch Alice who goes against Umbrella and their new killing machine Jill Valentine.

Retribution unlike the other four films, plays out more like the video game and feels like it was more inspired by the last Resident Evil game more than the last RE film. We get introduced to Leon, who if you guys play the video game are familiar with the character, and in the film he is so dead on from what you expect in the video game. Also, a few of the characters we watch die in previous films have returned. The fight scenes with the zombies who have motorcycles and carry guns, made for some good watching. The confrontation between Rain and Alice was also another cool fight scene. And the constant Alice vs. Umbrella shoot em ups were very well done. This film is the case of something that really looks sharp, plays very loud and will deliver all the action and violence you could want, but there is nothing on the inside, no meat to the potatoes. Retribution tries to answer a lot of questions the other films asked, but also raises more questions like who is creating these AxeMan characters that still pop up? Anderson gives fans what they have come to expect from him, a popcorn flick that has zero to no character development or storyline. The violence is the main character, and the explosions and death scenes are the supporting cast. You can tell Anderson found a second life with RE when 3D became the in thing again. Jovovich has found her knack for playing Alice, and really nothing has changed in the acting or development, so if you liked how she did Alice in the last four films, you will like this as well. She has a few one liners here and there that seem to work for a pause in the action. Everyone involved in this film looked like they were having a good time, and they really felt wooden at times or just shallow, but for a film like this it seems to work.

Resident Evil was fun for the most part, if you put zero thought into it and just sit back and enjoy a good action film with zombies, you will enjoy this film. The ending may give fans hope of what is coming next, for me I am just glad that this was not as bad as the last two. Though, they will never get back to the glory that was part one, I just hope that if they keep the franchise going they try to make it more horror themed and less fantasy themed, which looks like where we are heading.

7.5 out of 10