Movie Review-New Order


Coming to home video on 2/19/2013

The films open with a little speech on screen about 2032, and how a deadly virus came from Asia to go worldwide and kill almost all of mankind. The virus may be a mystery to our scientist, but a bigger mystery is why some people are immune to it. The scientist collects 5 people who he hides them in the middle of nowhere and monitors them with recording devices. Well, as the film goes on the scientist goes into a coma, and his fellow colleague professor Van Morgen takes over. His goal is to try and make sense of why people have this immunity to the virus, but he seems to not be getting the answers he wants to. Things start to change as one of the people, who is named Robert dies in a hunting accident and that seriously hurts the group and their dynamic. From there the group starts to develop ESP, and start seeing things that may not be there. From the loss of one of the people, things just keep getting more and more on the bad side and the whole while we still are in search for the answers as to why people are immune to this virus.

This is another one of those films that if you can bear with the slow pacing and build, you may like what the payoff is. This film starts off in a very slow storytelling mode that may not be up to some likings, it just seems to drag for the first half hour and then the reality based stuff it is trying to sell us on, felt sort of odd that they would try to go for a concept that is such a stretch for what the material on screen is offering. The positives to this film almost outweigh the negatives, I love where the second half of the film took me in terms of atmosphere and direction, it really was fun to watch this film play out, but it is the first half of the film that just seemed to really be the problem to this film. The pacing, the characters, the script, I get this is fiction, but it was not even trying to come across as remotely realistic. Sci Fi is such a misunderstood genre and I love when films try to give us sci fi themes, but if you are going to make it so realistic, at least make the characters likeable and people we are willing to invest our time into watching on screen, this film just threw together a story and said, “ok, watch it”. By the time the ending did happen, I was both happy and relieved that I stuck it out with this film. The film does offer some really good suspense and thrills, but you have to go thru a lot to get to them, and I am not sure how many would want to stick with this story to get to the positives. All in all, it was a good try and I hope that we see more from the people behind the film, because they did show some very good potential with this film. I would say maybe a rental if you’re curious.

5 out of 10