Movie Review-Money and Medicine

In America, one of the biggest debates is health care policy, and the means we take care of our sick. Our country has so many threats to bankrupt it completely, health care costs seems to be an issue that I am glad to see finally addressed in a fair way, unlike the smear campaign that a one sided media starved loudmouth like Michael Moore would tell you. This film tackles the hard questions and our challenges as a nation like medical, financial and ethical of trying to contain the enormous health care spending. This also tackles subjects like the choices that are made by the sick and their loved ones, ranging from ICU to palliative care at home. It also sheds light on the controversy that surrounds diagnostic testing and the screening as well of the shocking treatment variations among patients. And as you can guess this film also shows us ways we can reduce the health care spending while improving the quality of medical care to people. I will go on record; I am ignorant to a lot of the problems of this country. The health care reform would be number one thing that I am the most ignorant about. I never understand why Canada and others offers free health care to their sick and take care of their elderly, and seem to have fewer economic issues then we have, but we charge and bill insurance companies and we are in so many recessions, each one worse than the one before it. I mean there is no definite solution to any problem, but this film is eye opening and can educate you guys who are like me, and admit they are not sure what the true issue is and where it stems from.

Roger Weisberg gives us a documentary that showcases the problems we do have with health care and the skyrocketing costs, but also seems to put the weight of the issue on the viewer’s shoulders, like we can stop this and change it. He also seems to think that we have as a country does not seem to have the motivation to want to step in and change it. While I think as a nation we have a ton of power, but truly that power is very limited as to what we are allowed to use it for. I mean, if we could go right now to the medical board and say we want change, they would laugh at us, like government would. Even, if we petition, picket and riot we would not be taken serious and our threat would warrant police to counter react. I mean look at the last time people thought they had a voice, what was done? Occupy Wall Street is a good example, what change happened? This documentary covers several topics and discusses them with people from doctors, patients and other medical staff at some major facilities. While people in all these interviews address the need for change and vast improvements, they also point the finger as to what hospitals you choose as well as being the problem. This also paints a picture that some hospitals and doctors should work smartly not hard. While this documentary is not preachy or veering off to one side, it does paint a picture that we as a nation needs to see and maybe become more educated about. In the last year alone, I know my health issues have been a fear of my family and to go see this doctor and that nurse, and get these pills and this diagnosis, you never truly know when medical smartness can come in handy.

This film lays out the high cost and rising cost of health care and also addresses the most expensive equipment that does not really help with treatment and could be considered not needed. This film also talks about the end of your life treatments, surgeries and how you can change it all. Everyone should at least watch this once just to know how you can make a change and what is going on in the medical profession and health care.

9 out of 10