Movie Review-Looper


Coming to home video December 31st

Looper is a time travel film with a little twist, the film centers on Joe who is played Joseph Gordon-Levitt he is a specialized assassin in this outfit called Loopers. The year is 2042, around 30 years before time travel is invented. The job of a looper is to kill people (or closing all loops) who are sent back from 2072 when the Mob uses time travel to eliminate people. The only rule of a looper is basically not to let your target escape, even if it is you from the future. Well, things start to change for Joe, when his fellow looper Seth, let’s his looper go and tells Joe that it was Seth who came back from the future and told of how the world is being run by this man called “the rainmaker” and he is out to eliminate all the loopers. Well, things just keep getting worst when after giving up his friend Seth to the leader of the loopers named Abe to kill both him and his looper, the next day now Joe is confronted by himself from the future. When Joe from the future confronts Joe from now he rattles on and on about how the Rainmaker took away everything from him, and that he thinks The Rainmaker is a child in this year and they need to kill him. Of course, Joe from now wants to kill the future Joe and be in good standing with his fellow loopers, and the film just goes into full throttle with a lot of action, suspense and very cool visual effects.

Looper really scores not so much for the action, but for the performances. Bruce Willis and Levitt both are great in their roles and keep you invested in them throughout. This film is not your typical time travel film, it is so well directed and very smart, that it keeps you intrigued and gives you a different way of viewing time travel films. I loved the mannerisms and expressions of Levitt, they almost seemed like he was studying Bruce a lot before filming. Jeff Daniels as the head of the loopers really gave this film some comic touches that were fun. Another star making performance for Emily Blunt who plays the woman that young Joe takes a liking to while trying to protect her and her family from the future Joe. When I first heard this was a time travel film, I was thinking it would feel like this film or that one, but the truth is this really was a breath of fresh air in terms of originality and the film did not feel so science fiction as it did just an all-out action film. This film from start to finish is a roller coaster thrill ride with a great story and some thrilling sequences, but also comes across a little heartfelt and sad towards the middle to end. What a resume Rian Johnson has going for him, him and Levitt did Brick together, and then he followed that up with the underappreciated Brothers Bloom and now Looper.

All in all, this is the film that people will talk about long after the credits roll. This is that film that seems to come out once every few years that leaves a big impact. This is a must see, must own and at least watch it twice the same day.

8.5 out of 10