Movie Review-Last Call at the Oasis

Water seems to be like air, people take it for granted. It is a resource that we always think we will have no matter what. I remember when they introduced the concept of selling bottled water; I laughed and thought no one would ever pay for water. Boy, did I look stupid huh. Now, after watching this documentary I know now that we are actually dealing with a very serious water crisis. This film is broken down basically into two chapters, the first chapter deals with the shortage of ground water, and showcases areas like Southern California and Vegas as impending places on the verge of a crisis of disaster. It shows us also many nations who are already affected by the shortage of ground water. This film tries to play heavily into guilt as it shows us third world countries and their lack of water and shows us just wasting it. Those scenes did pack an emotional punch; no one wants to see human suffering and think they are to blame and could have stopped this problem.

The second chapter of this film deals with how we are polluting and destroying water with contaminants and how we can save it. Erin Brockovich who as many remembers was a film that Julia Roberts played her, has a voice in this film and it highlights her efforts in Texas and California. The film showcases also stories like the California farmers who are outraged that the state is trying to protect a rare fish, and the growing drought in Australia, a woman who is battling the cattle industry in Michigan, and etc. It also opens us up to the option of recycled water. Also actor and singer Jack Black comes in for a few minutes to talk about the topic.

This documentary shows us how ordinary people can make a change and become heroes and rise in a time when no one else seems to want to. This film is alarming and will get your attention, and though I wish it would have offered a lot more suggestions and gave us more insight on being an advocate to help cause change, I still found this very riveting and also very insightful.

7.5 out of 10