Movie Review-Killer Joe


Killer Joe is about a Texas drug-dealer named Chris who gets himself in some trouble as most drug dealers do. He owes money to a gang of criminals. At first Chris asks his dad Ansel for the money and his father refuses to help him so he comes up with a plot to have his mom murdered, and having the insurance money that he thinks is going to be given to his sister Dottie. So he knows he cannot kill his own mother and he hires this police detective and part time hitman or contract killer, named Joe. Well, things get odd when he cannot pay Joe’s fees upfront, so Joe decides to take Dottie as collateral till he gets his fees. This is easily Matthew McConaughey’s best film in a very long time, at least since Frailty. This film has so much to brag about, one being all the performances in this film. This film is a very dark comedy that as the film goes on so does the appeal. Sharla who is played by Gina Gershon has this scene that really is a must see moment if there was one. This film felt like an adult version of something you would expect from the Coen Brothers, taking the southern feel and really creating a picture that has to be seen to be believed.

There is a scene also in this film that may turn you off on ever eating a piece of fried chicken again, and it has nothing to do with how the product is produced or made, it has more to do with what someone will do with a drumstick. I am dying to know if Sanders had this in mind with the herbs and spices he put into his product. This is William Friedkin’s follow up to 2007’s hit or miss depending on who you ask, Bug. And like Bug, this film will have its fans and also its haters, while the plot had some holes in it, the characters were so well written and acted that they made up for the shortcomings that this film had. Killer Joe is a redneck trailer park good old fashioned Coen meets Hitchcock inspired mystery/murder story. This film is demented and deranged but at its core this film has charm and some heart. The characters at times come across as either clueless or not likeable but as the film goes on you see that some of them mean well and you grow to like them. Like Ansel who is a cussing machine with the brains of a stick, but he just steals every scene he is with his humor.

Killer Joe is a comedy that really tries to give us Matthew McConaughey in a different light. At one moment he is a very down to earth person, then seconds later he is an insane psycho without skipping a beat. He gives you a fear that you think more is going on with him then he lets on. This film is more than likely going to divide audiences with some of its subject matter; this film is definitely a film for a mature audience, and not the common Matthew audience. If you are expecting Fool’s Gold or How to Lose a guy in 10 days, you will be offended and probably even scarred for life. If you are a daring film person and a fan of the Coen Brothers, or maybe Happiness by Solondz, you may like this film. I had a good time with the film, though this film is far from perfect it is recommendable.

8 out of 10