Movie Review-Kill Em All

Kill Em All gives us an interesting premise in sort of a Saw sort of way, 8 assassins who are very good at their job are abducted and wake up in this unknown bunker that is called the killing chamber. As the 7 men and one woman are left to wonder who could be doing this to them, they are forced to fight each other to survive in one of the many sick games that are set up for them by their unknown captor. They are promised that the one who stands tall in the end will be set free, so the mission is to kill each other. Right away with the acting talent displayed and the script, you know this film is going to have to deliver some over the top fights to keep your interest because the characters and dialogue were not priorities in the making of this film. The people as with all these films will come to and be unaware of their surroundings and why they are all together. This film sort of killed a lot of that questioning and any other bonding moments or trying to deal with the situation in favor of just going right to the fighting. Of course, you know there is going to be a ringleader to all this and he is going to give them rules they have to follow or things bad will happen. Like a scene when two people just start fighting anyway without being told to, the whole 8 were gassed and the one who started the fight was killed while out cold. As the numbers go lower and lower, the winners of the fights get weapons. My question is, you got these people trapped and know what they are capable of, and you want to give those people weapons? Well, when one the fights get a little out of hand, and the tube to pour gas into the room is plugged by one of the prisoners, is when the assassins who are still alive have a way out, and the film goes from Saw into Raid: Redemption with all the endless fighting and just 15 vs. 1 fight sequences.

The film is a quick fix of adrenaline. While nowhere near the greatness of a Saw or Raid: Redemption, this film felt like the old Michael Dudikoff 80’s films that were just action fluff that you just knew the acting would not be there and the characters you would forget, but just wanted to see it for the violence, and how extreme the fight scenes would be. I sort of hated that they would wait till the twist, well I did say it was Saw like you had to know that they would throw you a twist that gave us a little more into a backstory. This film depended on the action scenes to carry it, and that hurt this film so much. If the acting would have been a little better and the script a little better written, the fight scenes would have meant more. When a character dies in this film, especially one of the 8 it really loses so much impact because they are made to be evil assassins, nothing really gives you likability to them. Why do I mention this, because the film puts so much emphasis on their survival and being the good guys. So basically this film could be a role reversal, I mean who wants a group of assassins to run free and kill people and may injure innocent people? The film never gives the characters a chance to grow or come across as sympathetic.

The film is one of those if you shut your brain off, you may have more fun with it then if you tried to make any kind of sense of this film. For a quick action flick and all the other films are rented, I would say give this a shot and you may enjoy it. But, there is just so many negatives and flaws to this film that I wish they would have put more thought and care into the characters and story, and not just concentrated on the fight scenes and ignoring what will get us to that point. What would have made this film work, if the 8 assassins were Cynthia Rothrock, Jeff Speakman, Dudikoff, Kogusi, and just went old school with. Like The Expendables for martial art films, that is what fans want. The new school of martial art films lacks the passion and heart that the past has had, and yes there are exceptions like Raid, some others and maybe Ninja Assassin, but those are few in a crowded pool of hundreds.

The rating score is going to change for this review.

The action of this film-7.5 out of 10
The characters of this film-3 out of 10
The dialogue of this film-1 out of 10
So that will help you decide if you are the person for this film.