Movie Review-I Heart Monster Movies


In the last 5 years, I have been a fan of all these horror documentaries that have hit our market. While not all have hit the mark, they get points for heart and trying. I Heart Monster Movies is actually a documentary I learned about 15 months ago, and was so stoked that they not only got the project off the ground but released it. Now with a 75 minute running time, you know depth will not be on display. This film tries to shove all it can into this time frame, which for the most part is my sole gripe of this film, they should have made it longer. Now, that being said this is a look at the fans of horror and it is shot in a few conventions where people wear monster costumes, and watch movies. There are a few people in this film who claim they do not like horror films, but I think the guys watching this film would hate horror films as well and burn their stacks if they thought they could get in with a girl like this. Like I said earlier the running time to this is its biggest weakness, how can tackle a subject so broad in less than 2 hours or even 3? And the running time made the material and interviews seemed scattered. You get all the convention usual names like Linnea Quigley, Tom Savini, and Doug Bradley among others. The interviews while not touching on anything new, at least were fun. To hear some of them speak honestly about if they are fans or not, was risky and it paid off. A lot of people may feel pissed to know that they are in this genre and this film, and they are not fans.

This documentary is low budget, and it is so proud of that. At times there are a few shots that seem wobbly, like a nervous fan wanting to talk to someone about a film. The horror themed rock bands in this film were a joke, and why did this film feel the need to talk to an expert who tries to drain this film of all its fun and make it so serious and just want to harp on things we already know. Though if the trivia question whatever happen to Ivan de Prume is brought up, look no further than this documentary. People may remember his time in White Zombie and also Jack off Jill. All in all, this has a lot to really like about it, but it also has a lot to really groan about. I am always glad when David Vincent spends a second talking, and I love the heart that this film had to try and be different with some of the people they talk to. While not as good as Walking Dead Girls the last documentary I saw from the people involved, it was still worth a watch just for the passion they have that comes out all over this little film.

7 out of 10