Movie Review-Gandu


Gandu(which is Hindi slang for Asshole) is a different kind of film and that is putting it mildly. Director Q has taken a few worlds and combined them into this art film from hell. This film is part rap music, part porn and all around weird. The film’s title character is called Gandu, he has a thing for spitting out rap lyrics and stealing money out of guys his prostitute mom has sex with wallets. He meets a friend along the way named Rickshaw who is a Bruce Lee obsessed soul. Together they seem to find a weird unity that they hang out and do songs together, drink and use drugs. The film is told in subtitles, but the subtitles go all over the screen at different times, and when he sings the subtitles just come across as angry as the raps he does. When Gandu wins the lottery all his wishes and hopes seem to happen but are they really happening?

The film is shot in black and white, and we get some color. This film tries to come across as the story of a lifelong loser, but you really do not feel sympathy for him. He basically acts out and robs guys for money. How can you get any emotional care for someone like that? The color comes later when he has a sexual encounter that gets very graphic. This film is seen thru his eyes, and when he raps at times it does get a bit annoying, certain songs did not have the flair or punch they are supposed to have, but certain musical moments in this film were pretty cool with how the subtitles were coming across. This film also features a lot of things that will offend the casual movie fan, like masturbation, on screen ejaculation, and Gandu having a fantasy of having sex with Rickshaw. This film is not afraid to push the boundaries of independent cinema.

Gandu is really an odd film to talk about without mentioning how much stuff this film gets away with under the name of indie cinema, not only that but to be sold by mainstream sites like Amazon and most department stores. I guess another film to compare this to would be A Serbian Film, where most people were outraged at how far and graphic that film got, trust me Gandu which is nothing like that film, goes into deeper waters in term of sexuality and how graphic the sexuality is. This film really tried to be revolutionary and cutting edge, and at times it may have succeeded, but I just felt this film tried way too hard and should have tried less on offending people and more on entertaining people. Where most films with this material, at least give you likeable characters and some kind of plot. This film is disjointed, and you have no interest in anyone in this film, and you cannot make heads from tails of most of the scenes in this film and what they will mean as the story goes on. This film seemed to have known of its downfalls, so it just incorporated more cutting edge blow jobs and penetrations instead of trying to make a cohesive story. All in all, Q has a lot of ambition and he is really shooting his sites on redefining indie film, but I just hope that he works just as hard at coming up with a script and building characters in the future.

4 out of 10