Movie Review-Evil Head

Horror fans and porn collide with Evil Head which is a porn version of the cult classic Evil Dead. In the last few years porn fans have been really happy with porn doing more and more parodies some really were worth bragging about like The Batman one that I was tempted last year to put in my top ten overall films. And some not so much like the very boring Human Centipede one. Doug Sakmann has his heart in the right place and is willing to turn porn inside out to make the evil stigma of porn being filth and trash, to porn being fun and really almost mainstream to a degree. This is easily one of those films that on paper you just think to yourself, this was meant to happen and unlike the ReAnimator and Exorcist ones, this was not only fun but so damn campy that even non porn fans could embrace this film. From the production values to the acting, this was above average for Burning Angel. The synopsis of this film is almost like the original where you have four friends traveling to an abandoned cabin in the woods for a quiet getaway. They discover the book of Necrocumicon and unknowingly turn everyone into flesh possessing demons just like the film. Watch Ash, Linda, Shelly, and Scotty unleash the unspeakable evil from the “Book of the Head”. Evil Head brings you talking taxidermy, chainsaws demons and gangbang with possessed trees. See, almost just like the original. Now, the casting coo of the century, playing the role of Ash is clueless and always insanely funny Tommy Pistol, who you guys may know from the film The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol. Also part of the group is Joanna Angel, Danny Wylde and Kleio.

I will go on record; I am not an avid porn watcher, though I am a fan of these parodies. I understand this is not going to be for everyone, but I have to say for a porn studio this film is above any production currently on the market, they tried to be faithful to the original and make this not only sexy but funny as well. The sex scenes came across as electric, you can tell the people involved were enjoying this and were all in the spirit of making whoever watches have fun and give you something above the usual sexual pleasuring one gets with these films. This along with last year’s Batman parody I feel are the best of what porn right now has to offer. If you guys have seen Tommy Pistol before you know he has a knack for paying homage to horror in his own bizarre way. I would love to have had a director commentary that invited Bruce Campbell to talk during this film. That would have been an awesome spec to have on this dvd. I will be honest, I would say this film is entertaining and remarkably a fun time that will promise any person or people watching it will fully enjoy.

I need to talk to that Tommy Pistol guy again and see if we are getting a sequel, because Burning Angel you know most fans love Evil Dead II more than part one, hint hint. This is easily the best excuse any of you could give a loved one this holiday to buy you porn for Christmas. The sad part is I hate calling this film porn, it feels like so much more. Porn makes you think of a film that is all about positions, fake acting, women and men who look like they could care less, and just bad scripts and sets. This film takes all those misconceptions and throws them out the window, and gives you a film that clearly sets its sights higher and into a new realm for porn. This is the new face of adult entertainment, you may want to give it a shot and see if you agree, which I think you will.

9 out of 10