Movie Review-Crawlspace


Have you ever witnessed a film that the more you tried to make sense out of it, the more confusing it became? Welcome to Crawlspace, which when telling you the plot seems like it is simple enough, but trust me this film is anything but simple. We learn in the beginning of this film a Special Forces unit is sent to this facility or compound with specific orders to kill this group of people, who we really are not told why they are being sent to kill them or who they are that they would have to be killed? They seem like an ordinary bunch of test experiment patients at first, but we learn as the film goes on they are a new kind of killing machine which is labeled “physic soldiers”. They are able to use mind control to get their attackers to turn on themselves. The Special Forces team seem to kill off most of the people, but there is a problem the last one whose name is Eve, seems to be the lost lover of the head of the team, and that is when all the problems seem to happen.

I know this film is going to be on demand upcoming and getting a small theater run, I am really on the fence about this film. I liked the premise of the film it had an Event Horizon feel to it, and the kills were very fun for the most part. I like the idea of the enemy being basic mind manipulation where it can be anyone or anything out to get us. There is a scene where one of the guys goes into an air duct to try and kill Eve and she uses his childhood trauma of being so overweight he could not fit into a space like that against him, and then added to his fear she makes him feel like he was being burned alive. Stuff like that really seemed to work and make the film fun. Though, this film has some pacing issues, and some of the scenes are so confusing and mind numbing that those five or ten minutes seem to feel like getting teeth pulled. First time director Justin Dix really seems to have good intentions and tries to be everything to everyone but he really needed to give us more compelling characters and a better script. We are left with more questions as the film was going on, then we need to have. The film seemed to have started in the middle of a scene and we are left trying to figure out what we missed and if that would help to make sense of what is going on right now.

I liked the ending and think it would work if he wanted to create a sequel and even a prequel. I will not say this film was a waste or boring, because as a whole it kept my interest if not for any other reason but trying to figure it all out and what everything means. I think if the premise was explained more in depth in the opening seconds it may have been a little better for me, but the flip side if I knew everything up front it may have hurt my viewing more because I knew what it all meant. This is one of those January titles that just get dumped on us, so as far as that goes it is far better than the usual fare. I would watch this again, just because it would make sense more to me this time, but I am scared that this may point out more flaws with the film that I did not catch because I was trying to figure out who was who and what meant what. If you love that little out of place odd film, this may be worth a rental but if you are looking for something to entertain you, I am not sure if this is for you so much.

6 out of 10