Movie Review-Animus


Release Date: 3/26/2013

Animus is about a group of college students who have a final project in film class to create a piece of nonfiction cinema. Maya who is leading this group decides that they will do their piece on if ghosts exist. They travel to the Copper Queen hospital in a small town of Arizona to go inside the facility and see if they can see if the stories are true about something being in that hospital. The film opens with the late doctor of this facility in a scene at his house when it appears he blows his brains out before something or someone can get to him. The film starts off with a backstory on Maya and also her roommate Angel. Angel is obsessed with the paranormal and is a little goth girl who likes to be spooked. Of course, she would want to go with Maya and the group to go to the hospital. The film for the first half hour has little comic touches here and there, and is basically like every other ghost story or found footage film,(which this film tried to be, and at times switched from hand held to the regular camera) you get the people in that town to share their stories, and things change when they get to a former Nurse of that hospital who tells the legend and about one of the patients named Isaac that the nurse had a bond with him till the doctor did some bad things to the kid, she feels Isaac is still alive in that hospital trying to get revenge.

The first half of the film is more story based and building up the second part, and I will be honest this film was fun because of that. This film gives you plenty of blood and violence, and gore galore. Though, while the first half of the film was kind of like a Blair Witch Paranormal film, the second half seemed more like The Descent. The evil that is haunting them was convincing and also very franchise worthy. The script was ok, it was not Oscar worthy but it was not bad for a low budget film, plus let’s be honest how many of you would pick this up if I said oh the acting was amazing but did not discuss the horror goodies? So, I want to tell you right now, this film gives you some very cool kills and from the 45 minute mark till the end will keep your interest and you will get into it. The major plus to this film is that these guys had no means of escape and had to really incorporate every aspect of the hospital and mines, it really made for such a tense feeling as opposed to films that trap people in one room and they go to the next and around again to that first room again. The hospital setting and mines worked very well and created such a tense feeling, that you never really knew who would get it and where they would get it from. The negatives I guess the first twenty minutes does drag at times, and Maya is a character that over time you grow to get into this film with, but it does take time for her acting and dialogue to grow.
If you guys are fans of films like Blair Witch and The Descent, you may really get into this film it has elements of both, and really was so much fun. This film is such a bloody good time, that I would recommend this to all of you.

8 out of 10