Movie Review-All American Zombie Drugs


Coming to home video Feb. 19th 2013

All American Zombie Drugs on the surface may sound like yet another one of those low budget zombie comedies, which at times it is, but this film with its odd little charm and very interesting characters and dialogue will win you over by the end of the film. This film centers around two slackers who are the kids that you knew in school would never really amount to anything, and that being Vinny and Sebastian who after a chance meeting with a kid they bullied in school named Barry, decide that they should get into the drug business. Well, as you can guess things do not go as planned and our hapless duo who with the help of Sebastian’s insane girlfriend and her best friend seem to encounter geeks, gangsters and zombies.

This film starts off oddly enough, with some very odd humor that I am not sure whether I should have laughed or been scared to keep going with the film. To see a guy who claims he suffers from narcolepsy dry humping on anything was an odd way of introducing us to a character who we would want to invest in. The humor was hit and miss, the hit stuff was not really laugh out loud funny but maybe oddly amusing. The miss stuff was not as bad as it could have been, it was not irritating or boring, it was a comedian who you think can make a joke that will catch your attention trying to warm up with not so funny material. When the drug addicts turn to zombies is when this film really showcases what it can do, and that was the part I would recommend to anyone to give this film a shot. Alex Ballar who directed this film, also has a bit role as the deceased brother and conscience of one of the characters who is trying to make them stop using drugs and maybe growing up.

This film for the most part is really a fun ride. It has a few bumps here and there, but overall I really like this film. The title though is a bit deceptive because this film is not what you will expect if you think this is going to be Zombieland or even Mourning Wood. This film has so much charm and personality, that you can overlook the negatives because by the end of the film you know you are going to be very entertained. This film almost guarantees that Alex Ballar’s best days are coming. This film is comedy, zombies and lots of fun. You are really going to be entertained by this film, and I really hope we see more from Alex soon.

8 out of 10