Movie Review-A Thousand Cuts


Coming to Home Video Jan. 22nd

A Thousand Cuts is a psychological thriller that offers us an answer to the question, should a director be held accountable when someone sees their film and interpret it the wrong way. Lance is a big wig director that has the world in the palm of his hands or so he thinks. The film starts off with a lavish poolside party at Lance’s house, and during the party Frank is trying to get in to meet Lance, but the bouncer will not let him in. So, during the party at first there is a bomb threat and when that does not stop the party, then it is the power going on and off, and eventually that marks the party being over. Well, Frank pretends to be the power man and starts up a talk with Lance, thru the conversation we learn that Frank made two slasher films called A Thousand Cuts and its sequel. Well, as the night goes on we learn that Frank has a daughter who was killed by someone trying to copy what they saw in the film A Thousand Cuts, since the guy is on death row for the crime Frank feels that the director should be as responsible as the killer was, and he goes to pay back Lance for his loss. This little tense thriller is way smarter than it has any right to be. The first 15 minutes seem sort of lost, but the last hour of this film really delivers quite the punch almost. While most people think ok, a guy is trying to kill someone, why doesn’t he just call the police and end this. Well, Lance’s sister Melanie is being held hostage by Frank and Lance does not know where she is. So, the film takes an interesting twist when Frank makes Lance answer for his past sins and feel sorry for his films and what his life has become.

This film is basically a very intense conversation that really goes way beyond the page with how these two characters delivered. This film has some very tense moments that you have to stick around to see how this could end, and this film tries to answers that question that the media is asking these days should directors be held accountable for how their films are received and for the crimes when the message is blurred on some. The cover art for this film is going to mislead you guys, it may look like this is just another torture porn film, but it is actually an anti-torture porn film. You have the grief stricken father that wants revenge for the death of his daughter, and since he cannot punish the one who committed the film why not punish the one who gave the inspiration to him to do the act. As the film plays out, we learn that Lance is not so innocent in life as well, and he has to pay for sins he committed and sins he tries to convince the viewer he did not commit. This film is almost like a one act play, and I did not enjoy the last five minutes of this film. This film gives an ending that I felt did not pack the punch the film needed it to. Though, I will say this film is far from perfect, but you know what it was not that bad and people would actually have a decent enough time with it.

7.5 out of 10