Metal Review: Sonic Reign – Monument in Black (2013)

Sonic Reign - Monument in Black (2013)With a release date of on February 1, 2013 via Apostasy Records, German black metal band Sonic Reign is back with Monument in Black, their sophomore follow-up to 2006’s Raw Dark Pure. Monument in Black is a very nice effort from the duo of Benjamin Borucki and Sebastian Schneider expanding on their debut effort.

Monument in Black ends up being a very atmospheric album with added elements to their music. Songs like The Whisperer in the Dark are very riff oriented and even provide a nice groove during the verse phrases. The song is all over the place, but is still a great listen. It also closes with some very nice lead guitar work.

The title track, Monument in Black, is another highlight of the album with its almost-catchy chorus and very nice drum work from Schneider. The remaining tracks all have their own highlights as well. There is not a weak song on this album.

Overall, this is the first black metal album that has been sent my way with a 2013 release date, so this is a nice start to the year. If this ends up being the best black metal release of 2013, it would be deserving.

Monument in Black Track Listing:
01. Abhorrence vs. Scum
02. Clouds Above the Desert
03. The Whisperer in the Dark
04. Monument In Black
05. A Doctrine Unreachable
06. Daily Nightmare Injected
07. Soul Flagellation

Sonic Reign Line-up:
Benjamin Borucki – Vocals / Guitar
Sebastian Schneider – Drums