Metal Review: Skrog – The Global Elite (2012)

Skrog - The Global Elite (2012)Skrog is a Minneapolis, MN one man band whose mastermind, Jay Reiter, describes The Global Elite as “the perfect summarization of 2012. It reflects on a lot of the political turmoil across the globe. It speaks out to the ‘99%.’ It reflects on the ‘Occupy’ movement. It speaks out against terrorism. And best of all, it speaks to people around the world. Although the album focuses quite a bit on America and its global policies, a lot of issues The Global Elite addresses affect everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, Skrog’s The Global Elite will move you and affect you.”

These are pretty lofty words, but Reiter does his best to try and make them facts with the release of The Global Elite. Skrog’s blend of industrial / death metal has a nice groove to it for the most part, with some standouts like Submit, The Hunter and MK – Ultra, the former of which is very catchy. Taking heavy inspiration from early Ministry, Reiter’s anger with society is evident with every angry lyric bellowed out.

Musically, The Global Elite is pretty solid with most of its weight leaning on the riffs to make the songs work. Reiter’s vocals vary between tracks and even during tracks. His guttural tone is pretty solid and seems to work the best on this album.

Overall, The Global Elite is no slouch and keeps going at you from front to back. While not anything groundbreaking, it is certainly not a pedestrian release by any means.

The Global Elite Track Listing:
1.The Revelation
2.MK – Ultra
3.Military Industrial Complex
5.End of the World as You know it
6.Dark Metamorphosis
7.The Hunter
8.The Hunted

Skrog Lineup:
Jay Reiter – Everything