Metal Review: Sacred Steel – The Bloodshed Summoning (2013)

Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning (2013)Germany’s Sacred Steel is back with their eighth studio album, and first in four years, The Bloodshed Summoning. Currently signed to Cruz Del Sur Music, Sacred Steel still has the distinction of being the first German band ever to sign with Metal Blade Records in April of 1997. With a February 16th, 2013 release date, I am pretty excited for you to hear this one.

As with previous releases, Sacred Steel is a type of throwback to the good old days of speed metal, but since they were around since the goold old days, they are just trying to retain the legacy that they set for themselves. Sacred Steel always had more melodic elements than a lot of their peers, and with The Bloodshed Summoning, they continue their melodic ways, but make no mistake about it, Sacred Steel is all about the riffs.

As with a lot of old school metal bands, the song titles and lyrics are cheesy, so I will give Sacred Steel a pass on that because the riffs are solid and the lead work is ample as well. Lead vocalist Gerrit P. Mutz’s vocals are decent for the most part with some notes a little off-putting when he tries to reach them. The guitar duo of Jens Sonnenberg and Jonas Khalil are adept at their craft as is bassist Kai Schindelar. Drummer Mathias Straub does a very nice job holding the band together and injecting some nice hooks in his playing.

The Bloodshed Summoning Track Listing:
1. Storm of Fire 1916
2. No God / No Religion
3. When the Siren Calls
4. The Darkness of Angels
5. The Bloodshed Summoning
6. Under the Banner of Blasphemy
7. Black Towers
8. Crypts of the Fallen
9. The Night They Came to Kill
10. Join the Congregation
11. Journey Into Purgatory
12. Doomed to Eternal Hell

(CD bonus tracks)
13. Perversions of the Scriptures
14. Unbinding the Chains
15. Dig up Her Bones (The Misfits Cover)

Sacred Steel Line-up:
Gerrit P. Mutz – Vocals
Jens Sonnenberg – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jonas Khalil – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Kai Schindelar – Bass
Mathias Straub – Drums