Metal Review: Retaliatory Measures – Withdrawal Syndromes (2012)

Retaliatory Measures - Withdrawal Syndromes (2012)I hate when people lie to me. There are trying to tell me that Withdrawal Syndromes is the debut release from Finnish death metal band Retaliatory Measures. What is that you say? It is? No way. Okay, I will take your word for it.

With the maturity of a band with ten albums under their belt, Retaliatory Measures comes at us from a place that we expect a lot out of – Finland. And with their debut release, Withdrawal Syndromes, we are treated to non-stop fury and bombastic riffwork. The guitars are what make this release, whether it is the deep tone that added such depth to the sound, or if it is the more than ample lead work performed by the band.

The strength of Retaliatory Measures’s sound lies in their guitar work. There is no doubt on that one. The rest of the band is more than solid, but the songs are carefully crafted with the riff in mind, and with each passing riff, they are cementing these songs into my head. I cannot get enough of this release.

While Retaliatory Measures has plenty to offer, they seem to be firmly rooted in the old ways of death metal and thrash metal. I have no issues with that. They take their sound from the masters of old and craft their spin into it. When results as the product is one sharp as hell release in Withdrawal Syndromes.

There is no shortage on riffwork on this album. The songs weave in and out of heavy riffs like a rather mature band, and with each listen to the album, I find it harder and harder to believe that we are not in store for something special with Retaliatory Measures.

Withdrawal Syndromes Track Listing:
1. The Offering 4:15
2. Withraw 4:51
3. Decompose 3:34
4. Pharynx 4:37
5. Soap 4:53
6. Treshold 3:23
7. Revulse 3:52
8. Killing 3:48
9. Existence 4:07
10. Since Nothing 6:13

Withdrawal Syndromes was mixed and mastered by Jori Haukio and produced by Kalle Aaltonen, Jori Haukio, and the band at the Ansa Studio in Ulvila, Finland.