Metal Review: Overtorture – At the End the Dead Await (2013)

Overtorture - At the End the Dead Await (2013)Being released on January 25, 2013 via Apostasy Records, Swedish death metal band Overtorture hits us with their debut album At the End the Dead Await. Formed in 2011 from bands like Grave, Witchery and Coldworker, Overtorture shows a lot of maturity in their playing that could only come from the experience that some of these bands members have had.

Being a Swedish death metal band, you make a lot of assumptions of what Overtorture is, and most of them are true as they embody a lot of what death metal from Sweden is. Along with those attributes, Overtorture displays a lot more than most death metal bands coming out these days. The tempos vary throughout the entire release, but the major focus of At the End the Dead Await seems to be the mid-tempo style, which they excel at.

Songs like The Coming Doom and Towards the Within are prime examples of mid-tempo death metal tracks done well, with the former also including a major groove that makes it the highlight of the album. Tracks like Suffer as One show that they are not one-trick ponies by adding more speed and depth to the song at parts. It evens contains a very nice solo.

The twin guitar attack of Magnus Martinsson and Andreas Hemmander is a pretty sweet combination and the rest of the band seems up to the task of matching their work. Drummer Fredrik Widigs has a nice drum sound that is ever present in each track. Jonas Torndal’s bass mixed into each track perfectly. Of course, my biggest concern in any death metal band are the vocals and Joel Fornbrant’s gutteral style is up to the challenge. Death metal vocalists are all over the place most of the time. It is not as simple as providing gutteral vocals. There is much more to death metal vocals. Some guys have it and some do not. Joel Fornbrant is one of the ones that has it.

Overall, it looks like one of my first death metal releases of 2013 is a very good one. I hope to get a lot more of these in 2013. I also hope to hear a lot more from Overtorture.

At the End the Dead Await Track Listing:
01. Black Shrouds of Dementia
02. Murder for the Masses
03. Slaves to the Atom
04. The Outer Limits
05. Targets
06. The Strain
07. The Coming Doom
08. Towards the Within
09. Suffer as One
10. At the End the Dead Await

Overtorture Line-up:
Joel Fornbrant (Coldworker) – Vocals
Magnus Martinsson (ex-Grave, ex-Insision) – Guitars
Andreas Hemmander – Guitars
Jonas Torndal (ex-Grave) – Bass
Fredrik Widigs (The Ugly, session Witchery) – Drums