Metal Review: Nine Covens – On the Dawning of Light (2012)

Nine Covens - On the Dawning of Light (2012)UK black metal band Nine Covens has already released their latest effort, On the Dawning of Light in Europe, and has a January 8, 2013 release date set for the U.S. Conceptually, it picks up where On the Coming of Darkness left off telling a dark tale of humanity and its cognizance that it is time to break the chains that bind them. Listening intently, you will find many a dark lyric about religious beliefs along with a more general social commentary.

After the success of last year’s debut release, On the Coming of Darkness, Nine Covens comes back with their sophomore full-length effort and it shows the maturity of a band that has much more experience than a mere single album under their belts. Of course, this mysterious band is said to contain members from seminal acts in the extreme metal genre, so the maturity is expected.

While I was very into their debut effort, On the Dawning of Light is on an entirely different stratosphere. The atmospheric elements of the tracks are much more prevalent this time around. The production is sharper and the band itself seems to have found a happy place in their dark abyss.

Each track is layered with depth and emotion without ever having a letdown through its entire length. There are no individual standouts here – they are all worthy of that title. While their debut was a nice effort, On the Dawning of Light becomes a release that will haunt our dreams. The album is complex and deep and will impress black metal fans that try it out.

On the Dawning of Light Track Listing:
1. Origin of Light
2. As Fire Consumes
3. At the Ocean’s Strand
4. The Mist of Death
5. The Fog o Deceit
6. To Quench a Raging
7. White Star Acception
8. Over the Ocean’s Way
9. A Burning Ember