Metal Review: Nepente – Suffering is the Seed (2012)

Nepente - Suffering is the Seed (2012)Columbia extreme metal act Nepente, who marks their tenth year in existence this year, is back at it with their latest effort, Suffering is the Seed, which is a sonic assault of legendary proportions. Its unbridled viciousness hits you from riff number one all the way through the entire length of the album.

Having worked the underground Columbian scene for the past decade, Nepente is starting to finally get some exposure worldwide, and Suffering is the Seed should further cement them as serious contenders in the metal genre. With Suffering is the Seed being their sophomore effort, Nepente plays with the confidence and maturity of a band that has been around the block. Keep in mind that ten years of existence is nothing to scoff at. Nepente uses every last minute of their previous ten years and makes it count with an array of tracks that are offered on Suffering is the Seed.

The 8 tracks contained herein are intended to pummel you like a bulldozer. Make no mistake about it. Nepenthe is not using melodic elements, nor are they introducing various hooks into their songs. No subtlety is intended with Suffering is the Seed. Their explosive guitar tones work perfectly on this release and the deep guttural vocals mixed with the sharp raspiness of the black metal-style vocals work in accord to add depth to an otherwise simple brutal death metal release.

With Suffering is the Seed, Nepente proves that they warrant a spot in the contender list, so add this one to your collection. If you want a little kick in the ass, this is where you will get it.

Suffering is the Seed Track Listing:
1. Suffering is the Seed
2. Hell is the Name of this Land
3. Merciful Death
4. Hear Me Howl
5. Slaves Will Always be Slaves
6. Die for Me
7. This Shroud is Yours
8. The Swamp

Nepente Line-up:
José F. Ospina (vocals)
Mauricio Aristizábal (drums)
Esteban Daza (guitar)
Wilmar Correa (bass)
Pablo Vaquez (guitar)