Metal Review: Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth (2012)

Maveth - Coils of the Black Earth (2012)Finnish Maveth’s latest release, Coils of the Black Earth, boasting three members of Finnish death metal outfit Cryptborn, is releasing their debut full-length effort after their fifth year of inception. With their debut effort, we had better take notice because they have already proven themselves for having the ability to artfully craft strong music. With the recent resurrection of death metal coming from Finland again, Maveth wants to their their hat in the ring as well, and they state their case with Coils of the Black Earth.

Labeled as blackened death metal, it seems as though they are firmly rooted in the latter half of that classification. While there are glimpses of black metal in their sound, they have proven that death metal is where they feel most comfortable and do not stray from that sound too often.

Maveth sets themselves apart because they do not feel the need to perform at breakneck speed throughout the entire release. They take time to craft a nice groove to each track and some of the better moments on the album are the slower parts. Sure, the blastbeats are prevalent as well, but Maveth is showing themselves to not just be a one trick pony.

Coils of the Black Earth Track Listing:
01. The Devourer Within the Gulf
02. Dragon of the Continuum
03. Hymn to Azael
04. Beneath the Sovereignty of Al-Ghul
05. Hymn to the Black Matron
06. Sating Erictho
07. Coils of the Black Earth
08. To Seed the Succubbi
09. Terminus I: The Burning Offal of Hinnom
10. Terminus II: Hinnom Everlasting

Maveth Line-up:
Christbutcher – guitars, vocals
Mikko Karvinen – guitars
Ville Markkanen – drums
Jani Nupponen – bass