Metal Review: Infernal Tenebra – New Formed Revelations (2012)

Infernal Tenebra - New Formed Revelations (2012)Croatia’s Infernal Tenebra is back for their first album in five years entitled New Formed Revelations. The former black metal band turned progressive melodic death metal strays further away from their black metal roots in 2012 with 8 tracks (but under 40 minutes) of their brand of death metal infused with some solid thrash metal-style riffs.

With ample riffwork and timely leads, Infernal Tenebra shows that they are no slouches on guitar. The bass and drums are right with them as well. Musically, the album is as solid as most of what sounds good these days, but what sets this one apart is the riffs that explode within each track.

The highlight of the album is The Art of Survival with its massive riffs and solid vocal melodies. There is even a nice melodic break to shake things up a bit. The leads are intense and fit this track perfectly. Most of the other tracks are solid as well, but some seem to suffer the fate of disjointed vocal melodies and unwarranted instances of layered vocals that cheapen the tracks.

New Formed Revelations Track Listing:
1. Entropia
2. Failed Leaders Museum
3. The Art of Survival
4. Blood Stained Canvas
5. Last Martyr Standing
6. Happily Depressed
7. One Minute Silence
8. Damage Control

Infernal Tenebra Line-up:
Paolo Grizonic – Bass (ex-Wargrave)
Sandi Orbanic – Drums    (Ivo Petrovic, ex-Altered State)
Ivo Petrovic – Guitars (Ivo Petrovic, ex-Mercenary Cockroach, ex-Oblivion)
Darko Etinger – Vocals, Guitars (ex-Altered State, ex-Forlorn Legacy, ex-The Rite of Retaliation)