Metal Review: Humanity Delete – Never Ending Nightmares (2012)

Humanity Delete - Never Ending Nightmares (2012)If there was ever an aptly titled album, Humanity Delete’s Never Ending Nightmares would be it. While Never Ending Nightmares clocks in at 30 minutes, Humanity Delete proves that they are more about packing a punch and not about the fluff. Humanity Delete began its life in 2003 with a demo which was recorded, but ultimately put aside until its resurrection in 2012 by founding member, and flat out busy dude Roger “Rogga” Johansson, who’s resume includes many notable extreme metal acts such as Bone Gnawer, Fondlecorpse, Paganizer, Revolting and Ribspreader. Other notable assistants to this project have been lyricist Jill Girardi and guitarist Lasse Pyykko (Hooded Menace) on a few solos.

The recorded material has been described by Johansson as “paranormal, post-apocalyptic death metal,” so you would expect a musician describing his work as something like that to be rather interesting, and in this case, you would not be wrong.

As previously alluded to, my biggest beef with Never Ending Nightmares is the album’s short running time. The tracks average under three minutes each, but with that short time frame allotted to each track, each track still remains unique and feels full. It does not sound like the songs were short changed in any way, and that is always my fear with songs that are this short. Ask fans if they feel short changed by Slayer’s epic Reign in Blood.

Each track has been crafted carefully and is driven by solid riffing and a vocal cadence worthy of a death metal beast. Johanson has proven himself to be a force time and time again, so it is no surprise that Humanity Delete is an exciting project. While Johanson is not breaking new ground, what he is doing, he is doing well.

Never Ending Nightmares Track Listing:
01. Never Ending Nightmares
02. The Eight Ice Narakas
03. Black Oil Defiler (Orang Minyak)
04. Necromantic Sorcery
05. The Jenglot
06. Dismal Corridors
07. Resurrection Rites
08. Retribution of the Polong
09. Pontianak Part I
10. The Eight Fire Narakas
11. Frozen Apparition
12. Pontianak Part II