Metal Review: Haiduk – Spellbook (2012)

Haiduk - Spellbook (2012)Luka Milojica is truly a one-man band with his band Haiduk’s debut full-length release. While only clocking in at 33 minutes, Spellbook, as the song titles show, is a band that gets right to the point. Within that brief time frame, Spellbook packs a punch. The album is a concept album with the theme being black magic. Each of the ten seals on the cover art represents a track on the album.

With the attention to detail placed into the album art itself, it is no surprise to see that the songs are handled in the same manner. Each track is carefully crafted with nice production values and some serious riffs lighting things up. When I say “nice” production values, I really should say excellent seeing as though this is an unsigned band (which needs to change quickly).

With few guitar leads on the album, when they are used, they are used for maximum impact. The songs are powered by the riffs, which never seem to end. Haiduk knows one speed and never takes its foot off the gas pedal. Of course, Haiduk is more than a collection of riffs though. These are complete songs with Milojica also offering vocal duties with the same intensity that metal veterans do. While the vocals are not as prevalent as you would expect, they are handled well.

Overall Haiduk’s Spellbook is a release that needs to be owned, so get your hands on this one because you will not regret it. I think it just made a late addition into my top ten list for this year.