Metal Review: Goatwhore – Blood for the Master (2012)

Goatwhore - Blood for the Master (2012)New Orleans, Louisiana-based blackened death metal giants Goatwhore are back at it with their fifth release, Blood for the Master, which is a furious ensemble of ten tracks hell bent to shake your foundations. From beginning to end, Featuring former members of Crowbar, Acid Bath and Nachtmystium, Goatwhore brings massive amounts of riffs and power while never relenting. Blood for the Master becomes yet another statement on the evolution of Goatwhore’s sound, which started as an American take on Norwegian black metal. They have since settled into a metal beast straddling and mixing genres like nobody’s business.

The mood of the album is set with Collapse in Eternal Worth with its plethora of riffs and massive drum sound. The album opens up with with an almost punk feel to it. The album continues to hit every nerve with strong songs and even stronger riffs. Each song can be said to be highlighted by various riffs and/or leads. Blood for the Master lives and dies by the strength of the axe mastery of Sammy Duet, and he is up to the challenge. The highlight his work lies within Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word. While only three and a half minutes, there are a multitude of riffs and a very nice lead in this one.

Another highlight would be the almost-anthemic feel of In Deathless Tradition. The thrash riffs are driven down your throat. This track has a slower tempo than we are used to hearing from Goatwhore and I am loving it.

Goatwhore really switched things up on Blood for the Master instead of monotonal sounds of previous efforts, they seemed to have made it a point to introduce some variety, and with it, they have produced their strongest effort to date.

Blood for the Master Track Listing:
1. Collapse in Eternal Worth
2. When Steel and Bone Meet
3. Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word
4. In Deathless Tradition
5. Judgment of the Bleeding Crown
6. Embodimentof The Bitter Chaos
7. Beyond the Spell of Discontent
8. Death to the Architects of Heaven
9. An End to Nothing
10. My Name Is Frightful Among the Believers