Metal Review: Frosthelm – The Northwinds Rend Flesh (2012)

Frosthelm - The Northwinds Rend Flesh (2012)Blackened thrash metal band Frosthelm may have only been together since 2009, but their sound shows a maturity well beyond their three years of formation. Hailing from Minot, North Dakota, Frosthelm have put together a very nice four song EP in The Northwinds Rend Flesh that should be listened to.

Perhaps it is the cold weather in North Dakota because Frosthelm thinks and acts like a black metal band, but is firmly rooted in the thrash elements. Lead vocalist Dakota’s raspy black metal-style vocals lead the charge on The Northwinds Rend Flesh, but make no mistake about it – the album’s strength lie in the riff-driven grooves and the more than ample drumming of the band’s drummer Ji.

Overall, Frosthelm may not have set themselves apart from many acts that have been doing this longer, but they have proven to not be slouches in the genre either. Their style of extreme metal is definitely taken to the extreme, so if you like your metal with explosive bursts of the extreme nature, you should put The Northwinds Rend Flesh into your collection.

The Northwinds Rend Flesh Track Listing:
1. The Northwinds Rend Flesh
2. Goblindriver
3. Reaping the Seeds of Corruptiom
4. Damage Over Time

Frosthelm Line-up:
Dakota – Guitar
Ji – Drums
Tyler – Vocals
Jim – Bass