Metal Review: Deus Otiosus – Godless (2012)

Deus Otiosus - Godless (2012)After the debut full-length release Murderer released last year by Danish old school death metal band Godless, we learned that Deus Otiosus knew how to leave an impression on death metal fans. With the classic death metal formula being used in addition to the band’s signatures touches, Deus Otiosus have proven themselves to be one of the most refreshing and promising emerging acts in extreme metal, but with the release of their latest effort, Godless, they just may proven that they have arrived.

With each thunderous track, we feel the driving riffs, the groove-infused rhythms and the attention paid to each hook in every song. There is not a weak spot to this band, with each member holding their own on their respective instruments and Anders Bo Rasmussen anchoring the band with his growling vocals. The twin guitar attack of Henrik and Peter Engkjær is pretty intense. They compliment each other extremely well. The leads are solid, but make no mistake about it, the riffs are what make the guitars, and the songs themselves, work.

The issue that I keep having with Godless is that I am trying to find its flaws. All I hear are precise riffs and solid compositions with each track. The guitar tone is intense and the tracks are solidly riff-driven. I will admit that the album took me a few listens to really get into it. I am still not sure why it did not resonate with me right off the bat because the album is simply crushing.

The band has reinvented their sound to no longer just be a classic death metal clone by adding a fiery inventiveness not heard by too many recent bands. The energy found on Godless reminds me of some of the classic albums from death metal legends Obituary. I am not ready to annoint them the new kings of death metal by any stretch of the imagination, but I am very excited to see what else Deus Otiosus will bring us in the near future.

Deus Otiosus Line-up:
Anders Bo Rasmussen – Vocals
Henrik Engkjær – Guitars
Peter Engkjær – Guitars
Jens Nepper – Bass
Jesper Olsen – Drums